Winter Bathroom Essentials – Heating

If you are in the southern hemisphere reading this, I might advise you navigate elsewhere. This is not to be rude or dismissive, it’s just it would be a waste of your time. Ok, northerners on board? Right…

It’s cold isn’t it?! Especially as you edge further towards the top of the planet, the temperatures dip even further. Right here, in good old Blighty, it’s ridiculously cold at the moment, and we are going through our perennial January media storm about how a bit of snow is going to destroy the country’s infrastructure. Closer to home – actually quite literally in the home – is my own particular horror: a cold bathroom.

Yes, I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to freezing mornings in the bathroom, but who hasn’t stepped out of the shower and given a little feeble cry when hit by the unheated air? Luckily, the humble bathroom radiator rode to my rescue and for that I can only thank one person – no, not me, sadly, but my good lady wife, who makes all the design decisions for ‘us’.

Now, I speak in the singular there, but as our bathroom is quite big, we have radiators in the plural. We have one, long horizontal radiator on the biggest wall, which we use to take care of our basic heating needs (or so I’m told). The second thing we have comes, in this context, under the rubric of ‘luxury’ – a heated towel rail.

Heated towel radiators are an indulgence for us as we like warm, outrageously cosy towels after our showers and baths. I know, it’s very #firstworldproblems complaining about cold towels, but if we can fix it, then why not?! It also works well as our rail is electric, meaning we can dry baby clothes and whatever else on it during the warmer months without the wallet-emptying practice of turning the whole system on. 


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