Why should you use a Carpet Underlay?

Have you wondered why your carpet always wears off in only a couple of years instead of lasting durably for a long time as the vendor had promised? The answer lies in carpet underlay. If the underlay quality is not good, it will start to wear off until the carpet rests on the floorboards or concrete directly. Then every time someone walks on top of the carpet, the friction is going to cause it to rub bare on the floor and it will finally split.

This is why while buying carpet; you should check the quality of its underlay first. A good underlay will not only expand the life span of the carpet but will also make it visually more enticing.

caprpet underlay

You can enjoy many great advantages if you go for high quality carpet underlay. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Heat insulation: A good underlay will act as your cold buffer. It will stop the cold draft from blowing in through the cracks in the floorboard and prevent heat waves from passing though the floor. In a way, it will help to retain the heat within the room, thus making it warm enough for you feel comfortable.

2.  Dust insulation: A thick carpet underlay will stop dust from sweeping in through the floorboard, thus keeping your room clean. In addition, you can easily clean it without having to damage your carpet material.

3. Noise Reduction: A thick carpet underlay will help in reducing sound waves from easily passing through. This offers you with twofold advantage. Not only the sound of your footsteps will be muffled as you walk on it, but you will not be able to hear the sounds of the residents living below you. The only thing you can hope for is that the neighbor living above you decides to use a thick carpet underlay as well. This way, you will have total peace in your home.


4. Uneven Floors: Most of the carpets are made by using a process where the carpet material is stretched on a carpet gripper. Here underlay comes in handy since it evens out the floor level to that of the carpet gripper. In addition, if your floor is uneven, a thick carpet underlay will help in smoothing it out, and you will not feel uncomfortable walking anymore.

If you use a carpet without an underlay and the carpet has a very light color, you will be able to notice the edges of it darkening with dirt. No matter how many times you try to wash it out, the stain will not go. The best method here is to use a carpet underlay. Just make sure you seal the joins with a tape.

5. Warranty issues: Most of the companies that deal in carpets will provide guarantee only if your carpet has an underlay. Therefore, it is better to get one so that you will not have any problem with getting warranties later.

If your carpet does not have an underlay, it is better to get one immediately. This will also go easy on your pocket since your carpet is not damaged soon. You will not have to spend unnecessary amount of money on a new carpet.

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