Update Your Bathroom Decor Without Breaking The Bank

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to refurbish. If you are not blessed with a white bathroom suite already, then the cost of ripping out the old coloured suite and replacing it will most likely bring tears to your eyes. Get creative, however and you can save some money.

There are worse things in life than a coloured bathroom suite and if you can live with what you have, then you can make the best of it, at least in the short term. Ignore all those property programmes that dictate a white suite as being a necessity for modern living. Admittedly, a coloured suite may not be to everyone’s tastes, but as long as it is clean and in working order, then it shouldn’t keep you awake at night. In fact, certain colours for bathroom suites are making a comeback, with designer suites in red, orange, black and yellow being featured in brochures recently.

Make The Best Of What You Have
It is unlikely, that you will get away with passing off that old avocado or pink suite as being designer, so the trick is to accept what you have and use other means of making the room look more stylish. The first step will be to look at the toilet seat. The chances are, if the suite is a throwback to the 80s, that the seat will look faded, may have congealed dirt and rust on the hinges or may be ill fitting or cracked. Replacement toilet seats are the answer. A wooden seat will blend particularly well with a coloured toilet and will look more modern than a plain coloured seat. Besides, the chances of finding a replacement seat in the right colour for your old suite are slim, so white plastic may be your only plain colour choice and this will look completely out of place. A warm pine or a cool beech wood seat will have a far more stylish appearance.

Paint The Walls, Tiles And Cupboards
The easiest way to brighten up the bathroom is with paint. Again, if you are burdened with an old coloured suite, pick out a colour that doesn’t clash with the fixtures. Consider painting the tiles with a specialist primer and paint, as this is far cheaper than re-tiling. Look for paints that are designed for damp and humid atmospheres, such as kitchen and bathroom emulsion, which has a soft sheen that allows moisture to be wiped away. If you are lucky enough to have built in storage cupboards in the bathroom, then include these in your colour scheme, too. Using a specialised kitchen cupboard paint will give the best overall effect and is designed to withstand knocks and moisture penetration.

Replacement toilet seats can play a part here too. With many plastic or resin toilet seats available in unusual, funky or arty designs, you could pick out your favourite theme and arrange the paint and tile colours around the colour palette in the seat itself. However, the wise move is to select high quality replacement toilet seats, rather than a cheaper and less sturdy option, which will have a limited life span. Look for good quality materials and strong fittings to be sure that your replacement seat will stay in place and looking good for a long time.

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