Unique Ideas for Tile in the home

Tile is a common decorative choice for the home. Tile can be used in many ways to decorate the home from flooring options to bathroom showers. This decorative touch is considered a modern option and shows that your home is updated and in style. However, those who have unique tastes might become bored with average tile work and want a new look for their home. There are many interesting ideas for tile that can be used in the home for a unique idea. Below are interesting ideas to use tile in unusual ways.


One way that tile work can be used in a unique way in the home is to create walkways. You can install small pieces of tile in a design pattern throughout the home to create walkways. From the entrance to the hallways or kitchen of your home, you can pattern tile to create a path that is not only interesting to look at but also unique. Bright colors will give the area a pop of color and make the tile a centerpiece of the home.


Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space, you may want to consider adding tile to this area. Bright colors can be used here as well to create a beautiful focal point. Create a tile wall or fountain area in your outdoor space that you and guests will love. Tile can be broken and used as a mosaic or simply installed to create a beautiful area for outdoor enjoyment.

Ceiling Mosaics

Home owners who really want to make an impact will consider placing an art mosaic on the ceiling of the home. This can be done in any room and will give the room a focal point that is very unique. Tile of any color can be used and with different shapes and stone styles, you will easily be able to have a unique look in the home that will be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

Decorative Frames

The first few options may seem a bit extreme so if you want to take an easier route, start small. Find tile that you like in small shapes and create a few decorative frames for the home. All you will need is a flat frame. Sand the frame down a bit and then apply your glue. The tile will simply be placed on the glue and then once dried, it can be grouted if you so choose. This is a simple project that can completely transfer the look of an old frame or mirror.

Swimming Area

The next option is a ‘go big or go home’ approach. If you have a swimming area or plan on installing a new swimming pool, you can use tile to create a unique and lovely space. You would of course have to speak with your designer or pool installer, but there are many colorful tile choices that can be used to create a unique space. You can use colors to make a pattern and even shapes such as undersea life!

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