Understanding the Benefits of Using Garden Mulch

Most people have heard of garden mulch, however not everybody uses it in their outside area. The reason for this is simply because they are unaware of the purpose of mulch and the benefits associated with it. This is where this article comes into play. By the time you have finished reading you will be full aware of why garden mulch is a recommended choice. But before beginning, it is important to establish what mulch is for those who are unaware. Essentially it is a material that is spread around and / or over a plant. There are various different materials that can be used. These include the following: bark chips, compost, decaying leaves, grass clippings, and gravel.

One of the main reasons why people use garden mulch is because it diminishes the possibility for weed germination and growth. Everyone knows how pesky weeds can be. Many people spend their weekends pulling all of the weeds out of the garden, and needless to say this is a boring and tedious activity. Nonetheless, weeds are not only detrimental because they look terrible. Another major disadvantage associated with weed growth is the fact that weeds actually absorb resources that would otherwise be used by your garden plants. Thus if you can stop the possibility for germination and growth you will be doing your garden a favour on many levels.


Another benefit associated with garden mulch is the fact that it moderates the temperature of your soil. This is very important for the steady growth of your plants. It ensures that no matter how much the weather fluctuates your plants won’t be too affected. In fact, another way your plants are protected is because mulch works brilliantly when retaining moisture. This ensures that your plants do not dry out.

In addition to this, let’s elaborate further on temperature based benefits. For example, when experiencing a hot summer mulch will keep the roots of the plants a lot cooler. However, when experiencing a cold winter, mulch also works to protect the roots too. This is because it stops the process of frost heaving occurring. What is frost heaving? Essentially, the soil contracts because of the fact that it gets really cold, and then heats up, and then it gets cold again. As a result of this the plant actually ends up being pushed out of the ground. Mulch works to ensure that this does not happen.

And last but not least, mulch is recommended because it can bring your garden a wealth of nutrients. This obviously differs depending on the type of garden mulch you use. However, there are several materials that will result in healthy nutrients being offered to the plants and other living aspects of the garden space.

As you can see; there is a wealth of benefits associated with the use of garden mulch. Mulch is really cheap and easy to acquire and thus you should definitely make sure you take advantage of the gains mentioned.

Kristina Louis is an experienced writer by profession. In her free time, she loves to read about garden mulch and have written a number of articles on gardening ideas.


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