Top Tips For Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

For many people the exterior of a home can be a deal breaker. It doesn’t matter how pristine it may be inside, if the outside isn’t up to par this could deter people from even bothering to look inside.

First impressions, especially when it comes to buying and selling a house, are everything.

Here are a few tips on improving your home’s curb appeal, which will potentially increase the value of your home as well as your chances of selling.

Front Door

How many times have you pulled up outside a house that at first glance looked quite nice, only to change your mind once you spot the tired looking front door with peeling paint and rotting wood? A poorly maintained front door isn’t inviting and certainly will not encourage buyers to look around. If the paint or varnish is peeling off then it’s time to give it a fresh coat. You don’t have to spend a fortune and invest in a new door; a lick of paint or a varnish, even a shiny new letter box and door knocker could make all the difference in making your home look instantly more attractive.

Get Rid Of Litter

You’ll want to get the outside of your house spick and span. Sweep up unwanted leaves; remove any rubbish and litter that may have accumulated. If you usually leave your bike propped up by the front door, find an alternative place to store it. Get rid of weeds and dead flowers and if you have a front lawn that’s overgrown, take 10 minutes out of your day to mow it. If you have the time to spare, consider planting new flowers and replacing the old flower baskets for new ones. For those with a bigger budget you may like to invest in the services of a landscape gardener to completely spruce up your front garden and make your home look much more appealing.

Clean Your Windows

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but it’s one thing that is quite often overlooked. Give your windows a thorough clean, there is nothing worse than filthy windows and people will definitely notice it! Clean around the outer window sills and remove any cobwebs and dirt and debris from view. Although not so common these days, if you have net curtains make sure they’re clean.

General Maintenance

Although often overlooked the roof, or in particular the guttering and fascia’s that run around the edge of the roof, need constant maintenance. There is nothing more off-putting for a would-be buyer than loose or blocked guttering with weeds growing out of the top of it or a leaky drain pipe that has allowed rain water to soak the house wall leaving an unattractive green mildew stain.

Looking at lower level, if you have a garden gate, make sure it’s fitted correctly, opens easily and is in good condition.

The simplest way is to have a good, hard look at the front of your house and ask yourself honestly one question, ‘if I was visiting this home for the first time with a view to buying– would I?’ Fancy renovations are not always necessary if you don’t have the budget but the consistent maintenance and freshening up of your home exterior can make a world of difference.


These tips were provided by Stormclad Home Improvements, the UK exterior renovation experts.


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