Top 7 Lighting Ideas for Your Retail Outlet

Good presentation is a very important factor for any retail outlet. Products need to be displayed in a way that catches the customer’s attention, so as to pique their interest and increase the probability of a sale.

Ambiance is another very important factor in retail presentation and great care should be taken to make a customer feel comfortable, so as they are relaxed whilst browsing through the displayed goods.

Good presentation and ambiance will increase the desirability of products as well as lifting the mood of the consumer, leading to increased purchasing interest and eventually sales.

There are a number of ways to improve retail presentation but one of the most effective is through the careful use of lighting. This can highlight areas as well as creating a good all round ambiance.

To help you understand more about the different types of illumination available, we have complied a short list of the most common forms of lighting that is used in the retail sector.

1. Track Lighting

Track lighting has a number of small powerful spotlights on multi directional fittings. These can highlight certain displayed products or draw people’s attention to an area of the shop. They are particularly good at reflecting the sheen from luxury goods that have high quality shiny finishes.

2. Floor Lighting

Floor lighting usually uses sunken LEDs that are encased in hardened protective units. These are often used in boutiques as they help to create an ambiance of lavishness as well as having that certain chic feel that consumers of luxury products love.

3. Showcase Lighting

Showcase lighting is generally fitted inside a display unit to give very accurate illumination of the products displayed within. Mostly this is used for small luxury items such as jewellery but it can also be used very successfully with other small high quality finish products, from penknives to computers.

4 Classic Lighting

Classic design lighting systems are generally either wall mounted units or freestanding lamps. These types of lighting units are used in conjunction with track spotlights. The classic lighting creates a subtle ambiance for a relaxing feel and the spotlights accurately highlight only certain areas of the store. This lighting is most commonly used in restaurants but can be successfully used in all types of retail outlets.

5. Funky Lighting

Funky lighting uses a much more colourful approach to illuminating a retail outlet. This kind of lighting is generally used as part of an overall theme for shops that are retailing goods aimed at the younger, more hip orientated consumer. The most popular themes of funky lighting is that of the 60s and 70s where oil lamps and ethnic shades were all the rage.

6. Shelf Lighting

If a shop is using shelves to display products, it’s important that they are correctly highlighted. The best to way to highlight these areas is to use dedicated shelf spotlights. These are mostly small wall mounted units that sit just above the shelf. Being mounted above the shelf means that they are out of the way and can be aimed directly at the displayed products without losing any emphasis.

7. High Ambiance Lighting

High ambiance lighting is used for offices and large stores such as supermarkets. These units are usually large powerful overhead units that illuminate whole areas. These are purely function forms of retail outlet lighting that are designed for good, all round visibility.

If you own a retail outlet it is important that you install the right kind of lighting for you products. Well chosen lighting can improve sales, so never overlook the importance of well placed retail lighting.

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