Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Today there are many different brands and products that are used for cleaning the toilet. Each one comes with their own promises and guarantees, but out of them all, only a few live up to their reputation. When choosing the brand that works best for you, it is important to consider the chemicals, the strength of the product, and the price it is going for.


Toilet bowl cleaners fall under the hard-surface cleaner category. Their main purpose is to remove calcium carbonate deposits that are accumulated over time. The two main types of cleaners are powdered and liquid.

Powdered cleaners contain acid in the form of solid salts. One of the most common salts used is sodium hydrogen sulfate. Liquid cleaners contain other types of acids, such as phosphoric. These are usually diluted when used in the liquid form. Each cleaner is designed to be soluble in water to make it easier to rinse away when you are finished cleaning.

There are different categories of toilet bowl cleaners that are used around the home. In each category, there is one product that sticks out well above the rest, proving that it contains the components necessary to clean your bathroom in the most effective way possible.

Liquid vs. Powder Toilet Cleaner

When it comes to variety, liquid toilet bowl cleaners have everybody else beat. There are many different products that are used all across the board. For the best cleaning power for the smallest price, Lysol Power is the greatest invention.

This product uses no bleach, but is able to get rid of some of the worst smells and stains in your toilet. If you are using Lysol Power, it is best to clean about once a week. This will keep you from having a difficult time removing some of the more stubborn stains, and needing to buy an even heavier product for a higher price.

The powder cleaners are not nearly as effective as the liquid ones, but there are products that, if used right, can be successful for removing stains in your toilet. Invest in the Scrubbing Bubbles products, which are cost-effective, and one of the best brands on the market.

Going Green

In many aspects, going green can be a great way to not only aid the environment, but save some money as well. When it comes to environmentally friendly toilet bowl cleaners, the initial cost might be higher but the products you are using don’t have as many chemicals, making them safer all around.

Clorox’s Green Works toilet bowl cleaner is the best on the environmentally friendly market. Many times the more natural cleaners are known for not cleaning as effectively, but it is not the case with this product. Stick with this to ensure you get a product that actually works for a decent price. It has the name of Clorox standing behind it, and is 99% natural. Even the dirtiest toilet can benefit from this product. The way the bottle is designed allows the liquid to reach even the worst spots under the rim and it is completely safe for any septic system.

Disposable Toilet Cleaners

More products are coming out on the market that are disposable. These are popular because of how revolting it can be to clean the toilet. It is essential to get rid of old toilet brushes that have been in use a long time, but these brushes are a little different. Rather than keeping the whole brush and all the nasty germs that collect on the brush head, you only keep the handle and the actual brush head is only used one time before being disposed of. In many cases, the head of the brush snaps directly off the stick and is biodegradable, making it easy to just flush down the toilet.

The Clorox Toilet Wand is the most convenient of these products. The pads are all pre-loaded, and are easily detached. These pads are smaller than a normal toilet brush, making it easier to clean in the space just under the rim, and as far into the bowl as possible. This is one of the products where the scrubber cannot be flushed, but it works better than any of the other ones. If you like to use a completely new toilet brush every time, this is the perfect product for you.

When choosing a toilet bowl cleaner, it is important to choose products that are powerful and cost-effective. Consider these brands the next time you need it. Don’t waste money on products that can cost more and won’t do the job as well.


By +Cassie Costner

Cassie Costner writes on the best products for all your plumbing needs. She has spoken with some of the best Salt Lake City plumbing contractors on which brands they have seen work the best for the lowest price.



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