How to Select Perfect Wooden Garage Doors as Per Your Requirements?

Selecting a garage door can be problematic particularly when you have a lot to choose from. Over the period of time, people have started opting for wooden door for their sheer aesthetic appeal and level of unmatched customisation. However, you can make a good decision by knowing which kind of wooden garage door is ideally suited to your need.  Comparing wooden garage door prices is a good method for making a good buy.


Timber based doors

The most common type of wooden doors is made from timber. Timber is selected for the sheer reason of its durability. Timber garage door prices are quite competitive due to mainstream demand and also a large variety exists in terms of demand.

Wood from timber has important property such as weather resistance and a natural glossy texture. Users should customise the size and design of the door. For instance, instead of going for the common rectangular design, arches can be made which add to the value of your home.

Cedar and Oak based doors

The other common type of wood used in making door is cedar and oak. Both of these have the value of being very aesthetically appealing. They are a good choice for outdoor garages. They have a similar glossy look like timber, but the contours are better defined. From the cost perspective cedar garage doors are less expensive than oak based.

A common property of wooden doors is that they are more resistant to scratches as compared to steel or fiberglass. Hence, the element of maintenance also comes to play.

Important considerations

While it easy to decide the kind of wood that you would use, there are some common things which you should know. Firstly, always select the door that is suited to your garage needs. Identify the type of mechanism that would suit. You cannot install an up and over door in a garage where a sideway door is needed.

Secondly, check if the wood has been treated against infestation. Normally, nearly all commercial scale wood is treated with agents that would repel threats such as termites. Never the less, you may opt for paint job every now and then. Varnish also prevents from any rot setting in. It is also advisable not to wash these doors too often since you risk damaging the base. Furthermore, apply paint that keeps moisture out.

Wooden garage doors not only fulfil your requirement but also provide good real estate value. Aesthetic element plays an important role in selling homes. Especially if you have a garden at home, wooden garages cut into custom shapes would really make your home stand out.

As is the case with other type of garage doors, wooden doors can be fixed to security system or remote control. For this, when you are installing the door, add all the features that you think are necessary. In this way, the fitting of the door would be without any crevices and look perfect.

All this said wooden garage doors are an ideal keep for those who want durability and aesthetic appeal at the same time. Following these guidelines would make your job easier.

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