Tips for Organizing your Closet

Organizing your closet seems like the most daunting task ever. Worse part is, it easily gets messed up after a few weeks or so. Here are top 10 tips to keep your closet organized and clutter free for a long time!

Tip 1: Pile Up!

Admit it, you hoard your clothes – even those you don’t use anymore. Create two piles: one for those you want to still use and another for giveaways.

Tip 2: Winter and Summer

Since winter clothes are a lot bulkier than summer clothes, it is best that they are in the corner of the closet. Your summer clothes or those that are less bulky should be in the center.

Tip 3: Sort by Color

There isn’t any reason to sort your clothes by color but the thing is, it really looks a lot more organized and pleasing to the eye if they are sorted in this manner.

Tip 4: Space Bags

Vacuum seal bags are very in! They are very inexpensive and you can use them a lot of times. Store winter clothes while its summer and store summer clothes while its winter. Once your clothes are stored here, it won’t take up much space anymore. Purchasing around 5 space bags would be enough as you can keep up to 10 shirts inside. Make sure they are folded properly.

Tip 5: Dividers

Dividers are best for storing small pieces such as socks, underwear or ties. Make sure the dividers are sturdy enough and are kept in drawers. Clean them from time to time to make sure you don’t get dirt on your clothes.

Tip 6: Hangers

Invest in the right kind of hangers. Padded hangers should be for delicate clothing and sturdy hangers for suits. Use thin hangers for short sleeves so that they don’t take much space. Avoid hanging sweat shirts as hangers will affect the shape of your sweat shirts over time. It is best you fold them instead.

Tip 7: Use a Self Storage Unit

If there is valuable stuff you don’t really want to give away but can’t use for the mean time, it is best to store them elsewhere where they won’t get dirty or damaged. Today there are many affordable units for rent, like the self storage in Auckland, that can be useful.

Tip 8: Build Shelves

Shelves are very cheap. If your closets are too high, utilize the extra space below or above to create shelves. Place t-shirts or sweat shirts you use all the time in these shelves so you won’t need to do a scavenger hunt on your hangers every morning. You can also use the shelves for towels, linens or pillow cases.

Tip 9: Acrylic Shelf Dividers

The nice feature about these dividers is you can move them around and store them when not needed. They are also transparent so it’s easy to see your clothes when you organize them.

Tip 10: Use a Humidifier

This will ensure that molds don’t grow and smell in your closet. Keep one for each closet. Once the container fills with water, wash it and let it dry then replace it with a refill. Molds do not damage your clothes only, they can also damage your closets wall and doors. So make sure you don’t skip on this tip.


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