Stunning Swimming Pool Environments for Modern Living

When it comes to purchasing your home with a pool, a lot of home buyers will fall into one of the three categories:

  • Home owners that won’t look into any other homes that don’t have pools. For these types of people, a pool is very important since a home is not a home if it does not have a pool. A pool is very popular in mostly the warmer states, since they are used all year long.
  • Home owners that won’t look into any homes that have a pool. Buyers that have children are usually concerned about accidental drowning. Some home buyers don’t want the expense or upkeep of the pool.
  • Home buyers that never thought about a pool. If the home has all that the buyer wants however it has a pool, these buyers might be faced in a decision they never thought about. Some of them will buy the home and fill it full of rocks.

Should You Purchase A Home That Has A Pool?

According to a survey that was conducted, the amount of brand new in-ground pools had grown a great amount within 3 years. Now days, there are nearly 5 million homes in the U.S. alone that have pools.

Research has shown that many of the middle range and low end buyers do not want to have a home that has a pool. Higher end houses are the most likely to have pools, however many of them are never even used. There are some pools used for decoration. If you love to swim, then a pool for your home might be the right choice for you. However, wisdom states that you should only purchase a home with a pool if you plan on using it. Otherwise, you might end up with an expensive pond for a family of animals.

Types Of Swimming Pools

When you are planning on bringing in a swimming pool, then you will need to find a reliable contractor. These contractors will need to be skilled and know what they are doing. You will also need to understand how much the pool is going to cost you. It will all depend on what type of pool you choose. Below are the most popular types of pools that you can find at homes:

Gunite Pools

Construction of a Gunite Pool, which is generally done by spraying a mix of sand and concrete into a hole for the pool, is the most popular type of pool. Rather than the above ground pools, which are only temporary, these pools for in-ground are permanent. They may be laid out in any shape that the home owner would like and will last for many years. However, gunite may get a little expensive.

Vinyl Pools

The in-ground vinyl pools are usually rectangular shaped, however there are other shapes available. They cost less than the gunite since they are lined with vinyl, although, the liners will generally need to be repaired or replaced after 10 years. You can find these in many areas where the temperatures go below freezing and the pools are then drained during the cooler months. To be prepared for your vinyl pool, the ground is first excavated and there are support walls constructed with many materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel and wood.

Above Ground Pools

It is common that an above ground pool will not any more value to the home since they can be moved. Above the ground is a very inexpensive option when it comes to pools. There are many homeowners that will purchase the do it yourself kits and assemble them on their own. Not like the in ground pools, which take a long time to complete, while these above ground pools only take a few days. This the best option for homeowners that would like to have a pool, but don’t know that they will be staying in their current home for the rest of time. With these pools, they can disassemble and move them where ever they move, saving them money the next time around.

This article, written by Paige Forster, explains how a pool can make your home complete. If you are planning on getting a pool for your home, you need to consider the type then check out pool builders Brisbane to help with the construction and product.


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