How to Stop Termites Destroying Your Home

A home is one of the largest investments you, as a homeowner, will ever make and termites are any homeowners worst nightmare. They can simply destroy your home and render it inhabitable before you’ve even realized they are there. They do this by infesting the foundations and then destroying the wood in place for food and their nest.

Won’t I just have to find and kill the Queen?

In order to stop damage to your home and property unfortunately finding & killing the queen is simply not good enough. Not only will the remaining termites carry on causing structural damage to your property but termites are a colony that 90 percent of the time have more than one queen and a lot more than one queen to take the place of the fallen one. This means that exterminating the queen termite is more of a damage limitation tactic than a stopping the damage tactic.

How do I get rid of all the Termites?

There is no real DIY method of completely getting rid of termites but one very good way of killing hundreds at a time is by laying a trap. One very effective trap is to get a cardboard box and fill it with wet cardboard strips. Cardboard is an excellent source of food for termites and when the cardboard box is full of them simply take it outside and burn it. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary to severely reduce the termites numbers

Beneficial nematodes are a fantastic way of solving your termite problems without using a pest control specialist. These nematodes are available to buy in many garden stores and are a natural parasites to termites. They locate the termite larvae and burrow into them causing death within 48 hours. This is an excellent way of destroying any termites in the infinite stages and the cardboard method is an excellent way of getting rid of any live termites.

If this two step procedure fails you or you are still just worried about what is happening to your home then I would highly recommend calling a pest control expert in your area.

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Is there any way I can stop Termites coming back?

There is a quick three step procedure you can implement in order to ensure that termites never come back to your home. The first stage is to make sure that everywhere in your house is as dry as it possibly can be. Termites like damp as damp means rotting and rotting means food. Leaks should be an absolute priority.  The second stage would be to make sure there is no easy access points to your home for termites. This can be gaps in the wall, gaps around electrical wiring and basically anywhere that allows termites to find their way into your home. The third step is again the beneficial nematodes which basically kills off any termite infestation before it can begin and they really are not that expensive. Well at least they are a lot less expensive than buying a whole new house!

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