Sports Facilities Can Reduce Injury with Fake Turf

More and more sports facilities are turning to artificial turf for many reasons. The cost of maintenance as well as the decrease of serious injuries is the most common reasons for the change. Many people believe that artificial turf would cause more injuries than tradition grass but in many cases, this is not true. While there may be more minor injuries such as turf burn, the incidents of serious injuries has decreased for many reasons.

Increased Traction

Real grass can become slippery in rain or snow. This can cause players to slide on the field or slip while running. Fake turf is made of a yarn like material and will allow players to maintain traction, even in unfavorable weather conditions. In addition to the material used to make the turf, most fields use filler material such as shredded rubber. This material is also beneficial in increasing the traction on the field.


More Padding

Most sports facilities have a dense dirt or concrete floor covered in either fake turf or traditional sod. With real grass, they will not be able to create the density achieved by fake turf. Fake turf is created using yarn and multiple layers of backing and mesh in order to achieve the desired density. Once the turf has been laid on the field, they may add a rubber filler material to increase the density of the turf. All of these components can create a cushioned surface covering the base floor of the facility.

No Harsh Chemicals

Many people do not consider the health risks that can come from traditional grass. Although these health conditions may not be considered a physical injury, many of them can be life threatening. With a real grass surface, you are required to fertilize the grass multiple times throughout the year as well as treat it for insects and weeds. These chemicals can cause health conditions such as cancer in people who come into frequent contact with the substances. Fake turf requires no additional chemicals and can be made using non toxic components.

No Holes

In many sports such as football, baseball and soccer players must wear cleats to play on the field. These shoes can cause holes throughout the field which can potentially cause other players to become injured. By switching to fake turf, facilities could prevent injuries caused by these holes. Many facilities that still use real grass spend days filing in each individual hole to ensure the safety of the players. This can cost thousands of dollars a year that could be saved by using fake turf for the playing surface.

Unaffected By Climate Changes

Because many sports play in multiple seasons, the grass on the field may change over the course of a sports season. This can cause more injuries in players as the weather conditions change. With fake turf, the surface will be consistent regardless of the weather conditions. An example of this would be when the weather gets cold during football season; real grass becomes thinner as it begins to die. This can cause more severe injuries in the event a player is tackled or falls on the field.

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