Rooms You Can Convert Your Loft Into

Lofts often go to waste which is a shame, considering the opportunities presented to homeowners by converting their loft into an extra room. The possibilities loft conversions present are often very enticing – who wouldn’t love the extra space for a games or TV room? – as is the value added to the home by converting the loft depending on the scale and scope of the conversion in question.

So what do you want to do with your loft? Different homeowners have different plans for different reasons, so just because your neighbour decided to convert his family’s loft into an extra bedroom doesn’t mean that you should. Give some thought to your home, how you’ll use that extra space and your plans for the next few years. If you’re planning on selling you should also give some thought to property prices and how a loft conversion will improve the value of your home.

The best reason to convert your loft into a bedroom, spare room, games and TV room, home office, or just a place to store occasionally used items, is because you’re going to use that space, not because you’ll be adding value to your home. If you have a new addition to the family and you know that you’ll require the extra space then great; this is a fantastic reason to convert your loft into a bedroom and have one of the older children move upstairs so the latest addition can take over their room. Converting a loft into a game and TV room for older children is also a great idea – especially once they’ve reached an age where you can no longer tolerate their taste in games, music or television – as is creating a home office for those who work from home, even those working from home only on occasion.

Some homeowners opt for basic loft conversions just to clear space downstairs so they’ve more room to move about. A loft conversion of this nature would prove very affordable and could be just what you need if you don’t require an extra room but would like to protect your possessions in storage. Furthermore, loft conversions of this nature probably won’t require local authority approval either.

Considerations when converting a loft into a room

Before you get too carried away with grand plans for all that space you’re going to create, stop for a minute to think about the legal aspect of loft conversions. Although the laws put in place concerning building regulations and planning approval have been relaxed they’ve still been put in place for our safety, so you may still need to contact the planning section of your local council to ensure your plans adhere to UK building regulations.

This should be discussed with the provider of building services that will carry out your loft conversion, like CB Construction, because they’ll be able to advise on matters such as:

– Fire escapes and stairways: Fire doors and escapes may need to be planned

– Insulation and ventilation: If the loft conversion will be used as a room insulation and ventilation will be required

– Resistance of materials to damp and fire: Building materials must adhere to Government standards

– Structural stability: Ceiling joists, first-floor lintels, foundations and load-bearing walls all need to be checked and steel beams may be required

Provided that you work with a building services provider on your loft conversion, one with ample experience in both building and in working with local authorities, the sky’s the limit for your loft conversion – one providing you and your family with the extra space your modern lifestyles require.

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