Reproduction Designer Furniture: Get The Look (And Feel!) For Less

Have you fallen in love with the look of antique designer furniture, but can’t manage to justify the cost? Or are you working with a limited budget? You don’t need to strain your finances just to get the look you love, and you don’t have to settle for furniture you don’t like just because it costs less, either. Reproduction designer furniture allows you to get the look and feel of genuine designer furniture at a fraction of the cost.


Reproduction furniture often gets a bad rep, as some companies can only guarantee the “look” of designer furniture, but not the craftsmanship or durability. However, quite a few companies that specialize in reproduction furniture have taken great pains to ensure that their pieces are built to last. Solid mahogany or walnut pieces in classic and modern designs score a 10 in both aesthetics and affordability, and can withstand the test of time and the antics of small children or pets!

You can also furnish your home with reproduction furniture while saving up for the real thing. Furniture companies have made great leaps and bounds in ensuring that furniture pieces are beautifully crafted, staying true to the design aesthetic of the period the piece is from. Some companies even go so far as using traditional methods to craft and finish their reproduction designs.


As a result, it’s very difficult to tell whether a piece of furniture is genuine or reproduction. Some pieces are hand-crafted, and if you can’t find the exact style you’re looking for, check out one of the many companies that offer bespoke furniture building services.

No matter what period you’re into, whether you love the simple elegance of Queen Anne, the solemn dignity of Colonial, or the carefree lines and patterns of Art Nouveau, you can furnish your home with beautiful pieces of furniture at a price you can afford by opting for reproduction designer furniture. For more information please click here.

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