Red Dot Award 2013: Icon of the kitchen Ernestomeda wins in the category Product Design

Ernestomeda won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2013 with Icon, the kitchen designed by Giuseppe Bavuso was presented at Eurocucina 2012.


The project was selected by a panel of 37 international experts who had tested, reviewed and evaluated 4,662 kitchen appliances products from 54 countries in the world. It has been awarded in the category ‘Product Design’ with the following motivation: “In this cooking show, the high-quality materials give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The icon captivates with its clear lines and elegant colors. ”

The official award ceremony was on at LACE today in Essen, Germany, where the headquarters of the Red Dot design museum, the largest exhibition of contemporary design, which includes nearly 2,000 products in a space of more than 4,000 square meters.

In July, the museum will host an exhibition devoted to the winning products in 2013. “It’s an honor to receive the accolade of Red Dot – says Alberto Scavolini, CEO of Ernestomeda - it is a very prestigious recognition at an international level, which responds perfectly to the vocation of the Icon program and its position inside the top of the range that Ernestomeda offers”.

Icon is characterized in all its parts by technological solutions, starting from the different systems of opening and closing that characterises most of the elements of the kitchen, such as the removable evolution peninsula, which extends in different lengths depending on the number of diners, and Flex cabinets, which combines a vertical sliding door swing that makes it accessible throughout the interior of the cabinet.



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