Reasons to Install Security Roller Shutters

Security roller shutters are basically impenetrable, adding protection to your home against mother nature and would-be intruders. These metal shutters are typically hidden when they’re open, so they are not an eye sore that will decrease your curb appeal. Once rolled down, the shutters keep out anything from sunlight and pollen to raging winds. Installing these shutters is an investment in your home’s long term security.


Roller shutters can usually be closed from the inside either manually or via remote control. Once closed all the way, the shutters make it impossible for anyone to see the interior of your home. This alone might deter an intruder from wanting to break in, since he won’t be able to get a look at your valuables. Since secure roller shutters lock automatically when closed, they also pose a large hassle for intruders and will likely cause them to give up and move on.

Sun Exposure

If you see too much sunlight during the warmest months, roller shutters offer the added benefit of limiting the amount of UV rays that enter your home. Keeping down the sun exposure your home sees translates to lower cooling costs, as well as less sun damage to your wooden furniture and floors. In some cases you may be able to cut down your monthly home energy bill by at least 25 percent. The more you close your shutters during daylight hours, the more money you can save on the costs associated with air conditioning.


Storms with extraordinary high winds can sometimes result in damage to your windows. If the wind itself doesn’t break your window, large pieces of hail or debris that gets caught in the wind may penetrate your window glass. Security roller shutters provide a layer of protection against the elements, so your glass will be safe and sound while the storm rages just outside. Roller shutters can also keep out dust and pollutants that often enter your home through a window.

Noise Reduction

Another added feature of roller shutters is the fact that they temper any noise that enters your home from the outside. If you live near a major motorway, for instance, rolling down your shutters around the times with high traffic will reduce the noise pollution that enters your home. The shutters may also help you trap some of your home’s sounds, such as a loud television, inside so you don’t get complaints from your neighbours.

In conclusion, security roller shutters are primarily designed to protect against ferocious storms, but they are also excellent at keeping out intruders and other undesirable elements. These shutters can be closed part way, but provide the most protection when they are completely closed and in the locked position.

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