The Pros and Cons of Flat Pack Furniture

Ready to assemble furniture has been increasingly popular in the UK since stores such as IKEA and others have come to the fore. In fact, it’s far from unusual to see the large majority of pieces in people’s homes to come from the flat pack format.

Ready to assemble furniture certainly has a number of benefits and it’s easy to understand why a large number of people decide on them. Conversely, there are also negatives and we’re going to look at the pros and cons and allow you to make your mind up for yourself.


The low cost of this furniture is an obvious advantage of it and we’d go as far as saying that the cheapness of this furniture means its lower durability is expected. Flat pack furniture will last for a few years before it has to be thrown out – ready assembled better quality piece cost more but last longer. The upside of flat pack here is that you will be able to keep on top of the furniture trends and this will make your home look more exciting and up to date.


The average amount of time someone lives in a home in the UK is just under a decade and this means that if you can disassemble furniture you’re in a far better position for moving than if you can’t. Flat packs can be quickly taken down and put back up and so are easier to deliver.


Because flat pack furniture is worth less, you don’t mind taking the risk customising it and making it look a little different. It’s highly unlikely that you would do something like this with more expensive furniture as it’s too much of a risk.


There plenty of downsides too and many reasons that people decide to avoid this flat pack furniture and choose a nice piece of furniture with the help of The most prevalent reason is that they tend to look far from unique. It’s quite common for almost every home you go to will have the same piece of furniture. Ikea is good quality for the cost, but this means that many people have the same or very similar pieces. Not something that people find ideal if they want to create a unique feel in their home.


Unlike proper pieces of ready-made furniture, ready to assemble or flat pack pieces of furniture is far more likely to break or get damaged. This is because it’s generally made from MDF or similar materials and is a lot cheaper in its production. In addition, if you dismantle it to move it you may find that it will be a lot less steady and well put together when you reassemble it – not ideal either.

Flat pack furniture is quite cool and it certainly has its place, however aside from in terms of price it doesn’t always beat real ready-made items. It may be low in price but as regards durability and also uniqueness tend to go – it lags behind somewhat.

However, it’s a great alternative that is cheap to purchase and allows you to keep on top of your home’s styling and its interior design.

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