Propane Gas Service

Propane gas is a safe fuel that has long proven its versatility for heating homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, fueling gas fireplaces, and lighting and heating outdoor living spaces. Like any other form of fuel, you should be careful, know the requisite safety measures when using it. If you have planned to get a new propane gas service account and propane tanks installed at your home, or at business premise, it is suggested to get it done through licensed service providers only.

Gas propane and butane: Two gaseous fuels that are obtained in petroleum refineries. The liquefied butane is marketed and packaged in metal containers of different sizes, the smallest disposable and rechargeable everyone else. Propane (C3HB) also supplied liquid in bottles or reloading metallic deposits on the outside, with industries or houses, with gas transported by tanker.

s indicated, the propane and butane are gases at atmospheric pressure, but at the filling pressure, are in a liquid state. When the user unlocks the key container outlet, reduces the pressure inside, vaporization occurs on these fuels and flow through the outlet tube. To maintain a constant output pressure of these gases inserted a pressure regulating valve which incorporates the stopcock

At Jager Gas, we specialize in propane gas service installation and repair services. We also offer propane tanks repairing services through our professional, certified and experienced team of technicians. We consider the need for safety of your house at the top priority and that is why we employ the highest standard of installation and repairing procedures.

The Gas Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG ). The propane is usually obtained from natural gas or gas processes cracking produced in petrochemical plants. It is used in centralized, with external reservoir that is filled by the utility, or is sold in bottles of 20 kg. This gas is heavier than air and has a higher calorific value than butane gas, without having problems with low temperatures.

In areas where there is no supply network natural gas, is used propane tanks packaging community.

Get High Quality Propane Gas Service with Several Other Benefits


Propane gas is not only effective and energy efficient; it can also be used for drying clothes. With over 20 years of experience in providing propane gas services in Connecticut, Massachusetts and surrounding areas, we are confident to provide you a comprehensive range of quality and safe propane gas service installation and propane tank repair services (both domestic and commercial). We are licensed in CT & MA.

Whether you have an above the ground tank, an underground tank or a vertical tank, our dedicated installation and repairing services cater to all your needs. Our services are of the highest standards, provided by our fully qualified and registered technicians. 


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