Pool Deck Options – Use Concrete Overlay

Swimming pools are a great  way to build in more family time at home.  When making the decision to install a pool, a decision must be made about what type of pool to install.  Pool are classified by the construction material used to build them.  It breaks down into three categories, concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass.  Though there are advantages to all three, concrete overlays offer a better solution.

Concrete Pool

Concrete is a reliable substance to use for pool construction.  It offers many benefits that outweigh what some feel is a more expensive price.  With concrete, the design possibilities are endless.  They are often custom designed to possibly fit the style of the home or shape of the space it is constructed in.  This material is by far the most durable option in all climates.  It has the ability to remain aesthetically nice for the life of the pool because it does not weather in any Sundek-Classic-Texture-300x199element.  Construction time takes 3 to 6 months as a result of this durable construction.  The surfacing design possibilities are also completely endless.  There are many design techniques that can be used to improve the look of the pool.  The endless possibilities of design and durability of the construction make concrete a more beneficial option for the construction of a new pool.

Vinyl-lined Pools

Vinyl lining may seem a less expensive option on the surface, but the consumer should consider a few other variables.   Vinyl linings are not permanent construction but hung over a metal frame.  They have the ability to tear, rip, or even break.  Most experts say that the vinyl lining should be completely replaced every 10 years.  That can really add to the economic cost that consumers thought they were originally getting.


There are so many variables in the construction of a fiberglass pool that it becomes quite a chance at what the consumer will actually get.  The fiberglass could be constructed by a bunch of small pieces or as one sheet.  If the first is true then there is a great risk of cracking and holes causing the pool to leak.  These pools are difficult to make and do them well so many people shy away from the complexity.  If considering a large pool, fiberglass is not an option since they are made in a different location as shipped to your home.

There are many decisions to be made when considering an in-ground pool for your home.  It is a lifetime investment, so your investment should last a lifetime.  Concrete is the best option because it is stationary and comes with unlimited design capabilities.  If your family is going to enjoy the pool, it should be enjoyable for you as well.  Spending all kinds of time repairing liners and watching for cracks in the fiberglass can simply ruin your summer.  With a concrete overlay pool deck there is little to do with maintenance and a lot to do to create the atmosphere that you are looking for.


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