Planning a Home Move

Whether you are planning to move just across the street or to a different state, it is necessary for you to plan yourself accordingly in order to make it possible for you to go through the process with relative ease. There are various important things one needs to take care of as part of their moving plan and this includes:

1. Decide on whether you will handle the move yourself or hire the services of a professional moving company. This will depend on how heavy some of your household goods are and the distance of your move.

2. Immediately you get to know your new address, it is necessary for you to inform your utility companies, subscription magazines, family as well as close friends. It is at this point that you should also close any of your accounts that may not be of any need to you after moving. This may include your library or gym membership card.

3. Research on all the utilities on your next address. It is also important to obtain a floor map of your new place which will enable you decide the most suitable area to place your plug-ins. All the electrical outlets should also be clearly marked on the plan.

4. Do away with any unwanted stuff from your removals.

5. Clear out your refrigerator a day prior to your moving date. You can eat some of the leftovers, carry some of the food stuffs or distribute some to your neighbours. Ensure that the refrigerator is unplugged and the doors left wide open throughout the night to allow the evaporation of moisture.

As earlier stated, you can either hire a moving company or do it yourself. When it comes to the latter it is necessary for you to follow a clearly laid out moving plan as seen below:

6. Packing should be done from one room to the next. You should start out with the room that is used less frequently with a good example being the guest bedroom. Pack heavy items such as books or tools in small boxes. Clearly mark boxes containing fragile items.

7. When you are almost done with the packing, measure all the boxes as well as the furniture. This information will come in handy when renting out a truck to assist you with the move. You can also make reservations for an appliance dolly to help you move your refrigerator.

8. Use a masking tape to firmly close your dressing drawers. This will help to protect the finish against any form of damage on removal at your new location.

9. Load your items carefully onto the truck. This should be done in a strategic manner in order to utilize the available space effectively as you load the frequently used items last. A good example would be placing all the tall items onto the side of the truck.

10. The boxes marker ”regular” should be loaded in first while the ones marked ”first out” should be loaded into the truck last. The box containing your valuables and important documents should be packed into your truck and never in the movers’ truck.

11. Upon arrival, bring in your valuables first and have someone watch them as you unload the rest of your items.


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