Using Pictures To Decorate Your Home

Putting pictures of loved ones on the walls of your home is a nice way to remember the people you love and who love you back. However, there are many more benefits off placing photos on the wall. If done with proper planning it could really give your home a distinct look. If you think logically you would find that pictures are the most easy and economical way of decorating your home. The variety of photos you could use for decoration has no limits and it would enlighten the minds of your guests when they visit your home.

Factors to Consider When Decorating You Home With Pictures

Deciding the Layout
Decide the wall you want to decorate. It should be visible to all the visitors. Whether, it’s a hallway or a wall of room, would decide the way you are laying out your photos. For example, in a hallway it is better to arrange several photos horizontally of the same size. The number of photos you need, the pattern of arranging them, etc. would depend on your layout.

Selecting the Theme
When you are placing the photos on the same wall, then it is important that they must follow a theme. The theme you choose could be inspired by anything, your family, your city, your profession, etc. For example, if you live in a coastal town you could use pictures related to oceans, or if you are a pilot you could select the theme of planes. There are no limits to ideas, let your creativity take a free run.

Matting and Framing
When placing on the same room the matting and framing for all the photos should be same. However, there is nothing wrong in using different designs for different rooms. It is always better to include mats in the framed images and it could be black or white mat. However, choosing the mat according to the colour of the wall is a great idea.

Sizes of Images, Mats and Frames
Using smaller size photos on bigger size walls is never a good idea. Select the size of the photos in ratio with the size of the wall you are decorating. If you want some photos to be more prominent, but its size is same as that of others, you could choose a better placement and bigger frames for them. However, you must make sure that your designed layout does justice to all the photos it is using.

When you are using multiple images on the wall it is better to use photos of all types of orientation. Design your layout so that it could accommodate square, landscape and portrait, all kinds of pictures. The shape of the wall is an important factor, for long or wide walls, it is better to use pictures of landscape orientation. For walls with more height images of portrait orientation is better.


When deciding to decorate your home with pictures, you must have some passion when you are planning it. Don’t do it because there are plenty of pictures lying around and you want to use some. When you decide from your heart you would choose great layout and beautiful pictures to decorate your house.

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