Why Pest Control Goes Beyond Bugs And Fleas

As you muse over your pest problem, you are probably thinking of getting some sprays or traps to deal with the problem. The exterminator might not be in your mind or even a qualified green pest control technician, the best in the pest control industry. However, pest control runs beyond just fleas and other insects. Your yard is usually invaded by a huge number of different creatures and if you looked at what they are doing to your environment, pets and family, you find out professional help is your best bet. Rats and mice, ticks, fleas and other crawling insects strike the heart of many, especially if they strike your home at once. Even the wildlife division office in your locality might not be of much help.

Good Example

For instance, if raccoons attach your home, they might be too much for your household to handle but natural pest control technicians will deal with them by trapping each. After making sure there is none remaining, the pest control technician will then install a grate at the top part of your chimney to make sure they do not stay there. This is a natural approach that works.

Assorted Creatures

In such places as Florida, there is usually an outbreak of snakes not natural to the area that come to live around. Some include boa constrictors and pythons perhaps let to roam the wild by their owners for all manner of reasons, including hurricane attacks on snake farms and getting tired of them. Handling these creatures requires help not only from a pest control individual but also folks from the wildlife department if the need be. Otherwise, snakes could be in your yard due to immensity of food, in this case mice and rodents, another hazard to your home. You need professionals who can carry out a multifaceted approach to deal with the snakes, rodents and insects so that you can live to enjoy your life without thinking about snake bites and lethal rat plagues.


Not many know they could be under a silverfish attach, mostly known for destructive feeding behaviors in your home. They ruin wallpaper, clothing and even papers and infest common areas such as linen and paper sources, damp and dark areas. An infestation by silverfish can take place in such areas as your basement, attic, bathrooms, laundry rooms and even kitchens. Damp clothing and paper always attract silverfish and you can find them in sheds and garages. They feed on starches and sugars or carbohydrates in general. Food sources include dead insects, silk, linen and paper glue in books, shampoos and cellulose. Some silverfish have been found in packages of unopened food.


Probably you might not have any idea the asthma or allergy you have is the result of a cockroach attack. This is caused by debris from cockroach skin cast-offs, droppings and dead body parts that also aggravate allergies mostly on sensitive persons such as children. Cockroaches are known for their hiding ability and hard to find but always appear in the kitchen and other areas where food is in plenty and warmth. Remember most cockroach eggs are protected naturally from most of the insecticides promoted as effective in killing the pest.

If you do not contact pest control technicians who use special equipment and integrated pest management approaches, you will lose the battle against intrepid roaches and many other rodents and insects infesting your office, business or home.

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