Mother Nature’s Kitchenette

Summer is fast approaching. Outdoor activities should be planned ahead. It would be a waste not to take advantage of the good weather. Sadly, vacation can’t be granted by the boss. There goes the long face. Cheer up and prepare an outdoor adventure right at your home. Sounds boring? Well, put up an outdoor kitchen for the summer party. Can you hear the meat sizzling on the grill? Practice a party trick skillfully opening beer bottles to quench the guests’ thirst from the heat of the sun. Ask friends to help build this back yard makeover project and it’ll be done just in time for the summer. This is going to be an awesome shindig under the sun and the stars. Woot!


First things first, the location of an outdoor kitchen should be considered. The next step is to decide to put a roof or not to. Most home owners choose a roof and squeeze the structure to become an extension of their house. Smoke ventilation should be installed to avoid smoke that invariably comes from cooking over fire. This benefits both comfort and safety. Even under cover, the furniture pieces can’t be protected from the harsh weather. The cabinetry made of wood and coated with paint is a real pain in the butt when it comes to upkeep. There are other options aside from wood if durability and longevity is what you’re after.


Home owners who prefer a se separate structure from the house should put together a patio cover. A combination of steel and redwood looks very pretty. Steel has many advantages over wood. One of it is the life span and the other is robust construction that can’t be taken down easily even with harsh conditions in the open. On the other hand, wood give a particular feeling of warmth and closeness to nature. All in all, these two elements fused together to build a robust structure with a touch of placid temperament.


Go for slate, a rock composed of clay and volcanic ash, to perk up your backyard. This is an easy material to work with since it’s very flexible and can just be cut or broken and then slabbed on a surface easily without wasting time on pre-planning. This can be a counter material, backsplash or flooring. Don’t integrate wood in this project rather use reinforced concrete. It’s neither going to disintegrate nor combust. On the surface, avoid grout lines. The outdoor is a ruthless environment, it has leaves, dust and other components that can get stuck in the crevasses and stain it. Another concern is water issue, once again, avoid grout lines for easy clean up. Another material that can be used as a countertop and its foundation is cast concrete. It uses different kinds of embedded materials, for instance, crushed stone and glass. Different blends can be combined to form an island. Pouring these blends alternatively forms a unique piece of art. After the curing process, honing and polishing is next to get a functional centerpiece in the kitchen. Marble, granite or tile is a few bits and pieces that make outdoor gardens magnificent.


For the units themselves, stainless steel is popular because of its resilience. Given that the appliances encounter wear and tear from Mother Nature, it’s crucial that they don’t rust, chip or flake. Some people fancy several side burners, refrigerators and storage drawers. Nonetheless, these storage spaces are not used much and become hidey-holes for the bugs and spiders. Keep it simple and save money in the construction process. Just purchase a grill since it’s the life of the party. If you want to go overboard and exhibit bartending skills, get a double walled stainless steel beverage center. This is way better than a Styrofoam cooler. It holds lemons, limes, oranges and other accouterments that’s needed for a bar. This can be kid friendly too; ice cream and drinks can be stored here. And let’s not forget the booze. At the front you have speed rails for holding bottles. All set and invite the Cayote Ugly Girls or Moe from the Simpsons. Let’s not forget to call Mario and Luigi up, as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when your built-in outdoor pizza oven is done.


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