Modern Bathroom Heating

Okay, hands up, who here has a room in their house that isn’t full to the brim with all manner of weird and wonderful items you’ve picked up here and there over the years? To the handful of people sitting at their computer with their arms in the air – firstly, you didn’t actually have to raise your hand, now you just look a bit daft. Secondly, the rest of us in the vast majority look upon you with admiration, envy and just a hint of disdain.


The advent of the internet didn’t just bring us gigantic quantities of information to gorge ourselves on, but also an enormous amount of stuff to buy quickly and easily from all over the world. With that kind of choice a mere mouse click away it’s no wonder our homes get so cluttered, so saving space in your humble abode has never been more important.


And this is just where the contemporary home is headed, attempting to combine style with more practical everyday solutions because most people can’t afford to sacrifice space and comfort for aesthetics. Modern bathroom design is no exception.


For the lucky few who can afford an expansive luxury bathroom, this isn’t so much of an issue. For the rest of us, however, fear not – there are solutions to the problem.


Tall radiators not only come in a range of styles – from retro piping to space-age flat panels you’d think you’d only find aboard a NASA space shuttle – but they’re practical too. They save space on your wall, enabling you more freedom to place other bathroom fittings whilst heating the room just as well as their more traditional-shaped cousins.


If that sounds great but you simply won’t leave the toasty confines of your shower and step into the arctic tundra that is your bathroom without definitive knowledge that there’s a warm and snug towel waiting for you, then perhaps a towel rail radiator is more to your liking. These radiators are shaped so that towels and clothes can easily be hung on them but won’t look out of place in a contemporary bathroom either.





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