Linking Productivity With Office Furniture Comfort

One can reduce costs and keep a happier workforce when the furniture promotes good health.

Whether office workers are working from home or are office based in a traditional place of work, there is no escaping the fact they spend much of the working day sitting down. Repetitive tasks, such as typing, place stress and strain on the hands and wrists and sitting in the wrong position can lead to back problems through poor posture. Providing office furniture that is both comfortable and promotes good health is vital to avoid disruption of work through illness.

What To Look For

In order to be comfortable, office furniture should include such items as height adjustable chairs and purpose made desks. This is especially important in offices where staff often share work spaces or desks, moving from one to the next as required. Each individual will have their own preferences regarding height and the way they prefer to sit, so allowing each to adjust their environment to suit themselves creates maximum comfort. Online office furniture suppliers make light work of browsing various styles and options and many of our customers complement us on the level of service we offer.
We are happy to help you choose which furniture will suit you best and pride ourselves that so many of our customers provide feedback to tell us how happy they are with our service and speed of delivery.

Economical Design

The benefits of providing office staff with comfortable, properly designed furniture include:
-       Less absenteeism
-       Improved health and safety
-       Increase in productivity
-       Fewer work place injuries

Money is saved through reducing training costs when staff are retained for longer, as staff will only stay in a job they find comfortable. If staff have backache at the end of every day it won’t be long before they are looking for alternative employment.

Office furniture suppliers who value their reputation are keen to supply tried and tested office furniture designs that they can be confident will benefit the staff who use them.

Home Office Furniture

Running a home office is not so different to running a busy commercial office. It is largely a matter of scale. You will still need somewhere to store documents, a comfortable chair that allows you to alter the height and a desk small enough to fit a domestic environment but large enough to allow for uncramped working.


Office chairs should be height adjustable and have adjustable backs too so the spine is correctly aligned during long periods of sitting. In addition, you may find accessories such as a footrest go some way towards sitting more comfortably. This is equally as true for home workers as it is for those based in an office away from home.

Overall, kitting out an office is about more than simply buying the minimum amount of furniture needed. Restless or uncomfortable staff will spend longer away from their desks than you would like, so productivity will suffer and so will the quality of work done. When business budgets are stretched, skimping on comfortable and ergonomic office furniture benefits no one and can even impact profit margins.


Monica writes regularly on comfort and productivity in the workplace. She keeps an eye on online office furniture suppliers to keep up with the latest industry developments. She loves to share her knowledge through her writing.


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