LED lights don’t just keep you up at night.

The amount of times I have got perfectly comfortable in bed only to turn out the light and see the LED on my TV was still on. I get out, walk across the cold floor, stub my toe on my wardrobe and then switch off the light. And you just know I won’t be able to get comfortable again. Well until recently this is the only use that I was aware of for LED lights. I thought they were used as indicator lights on phones, TV’s, and videogame consoles. How wrong was I? maybe I’m behind the times but LED lights have grown in popularity and use in recent years. They now have many different uses.


LED makes for great torch light. They have evolved considerably from the early days of that little red blinking dot on the TV. LED torches are great tools for those professionals who work in extreme conditions. Some of them produce a ‘flood’ of light, whereas other produce a ‘beam’. Some of them fit on your head and some of them you can dim which can’t be said for most of your average handheld torches.

They might sound as if they’re going to be expensive – but they’re no more so than normal torches. They can range anywhere from £200 to £10, so can be great value for money.

Light bulbs

Yes. You can get LED light bulbs, also. LED light bulbs are mainly used for public areas. They are great for office spaces, such as stairwells and reception areas. This is because they give off a warm dimmable light. They’re softer on the eyes and aren’t too blinding.

If you need lots of lighting for a good price, you can get LED tube lighting which provide light for warehouses, corridors, and garages for example. They give off bright light, but don’t overheat and take up any room. Another bonus of these lights is that you won’t have to do any rewiring. If you want to, you can compare LED lighting here to get a better idea of what you can afford and what LED lights would fit your needs.

Flood Lights

LED light make great floodlights. They have high power and provide wide illumination. They are energy saving, despite the great amount of light they provide. These would ideally be used for flooding wide open spaces, such as showrooms or sports fields and provide a great alternative to other forms of floodlighting.

LED lights are more suited to the world of work and industry, rather than the home due to their price and their function, however you can find great LED lights that would suit the home. Have a shop around and see what would best suit your individual needs.

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