Leaving No Trace Of Surgical Assistance With Laser Weight Loss

Losing weight produces a feeling of success and achievement unlike many other efforts you will undertake. The fact that there is nothing magical about losing weight is a key reason why you celebrate and feel so triumphant after you lose weight and sculpt your body into the shape you love. It’s the latter, sculpting the body into a desired shape, that isn’t always guaranteed, regardless of how much weight you lose.


Techniques that have been proven to be successful at helping tighten skin after significant weight loss include weight training and receiving a NYC Zerona body slimming procedure. Both lifting weights and a NYC Zerona body slimming procedure work because the skin can reach maximum elasticity capacity after you gain a certain amount of weight.


Also, as you continue to gain weight, your body tissue expands. Your body also produces more skin cells. ¬†Additionally, the number of skin skills and the amount of tissue your body develops as you gain weight don’t always go away after you drop unwanted pounds. Furthermore, Dr. Jason Spector says, “The two biggest factors that determine skin elasticity are age and genetics,” as reported in iFit and Healthy.


You could reduce the amount of excess skin you have after you lose weight by going to a gym and lifting weights two to three days a week. That or you can buy weights and start pumping iron at home. Drinking lots of water during the weight loss process can also give your skin a healthier appearance.


If you forgot [or didn't know] to lift weights or drink plenty of water while you worked to lose weight, there’s still hope. You could receive a NYC Zerona body slimming procedure. Sensitive Touch is the first medical spa in New York City to use the Zerona slimming procedure. During the procedure, a low level laser stimulates fat cells, causing the fat to liquefy so it can be removed from the body.


The laser work also helps fat cells to shrink. Several inches are removed from areas like the stomach, thighs and hips using a NYC Zerona body slimming procedure. Results of the procedure vary, but should always lead to a smaller body size. You may also lose all or a significant amount of love handles you might have. You should have a flatter stomach and thinner thighs, if you receive treatment in these two areas.


Spot treatments can help you achieve these results. Because body slimming treatments can run several hundred dollars, you might want to consider working with a plastic surgeon who offers payment plans. Before working with a plastic surgeon, check reviews previous clients have given the surgeon. This will reveal how many of the plastic surgeon’s clients are satisfied with his or her work.


You can get answers to most of these questions during a comprehensive consultation that you have with a plastic surgeon. In fact, before you head out to the consultation, write down a list of questions you have for the plastic surgeon. Also, pay attention to the level of rapport you have with a surgeon, as the more relaxed you feel with a plastic surgeon, the better.







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