How to Landscape Your Garden Cheaply

Landscaping your garden can be an expensive job but with the right tips and tricks it doesn’t have to be. Today we are going to talk you through how to landscape your garden so that it doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket and you still achieve the same fantastic result.

Do NOT hire a professional landscaper

Hiring a professional landscaper is all well and good for the rich and famous of Hollywood but for everyday folk like ourselves it can be difficult to find the money to do this and it is a sure fire way of losing money. Not to mention if you let someone else landscape your garden how are you ever going to learn to maintain it? That means hiring another professional to do this job as well!

Invest in the Right Garden Tools

You may need a variety of garden tools in order to landscape your garden and most everyday Joes make the common mistake of investing in a lot of different equipment (which don’t get me wrong is a good thing!) But there is a cheaper war of getting all this equipment at discounted prices and that is to buy a petrol garden multi tool at a fraction of the cost but still supplying you with all the great equipment like a garden chainsaw and an earth auger.

Use Plant Cuttings

If you are replanting any plants then do not go and get new ones! Simply get cutting of plants from friends or family or maybe even your own garden and use this with the correct medium and watch your plants take off at a fraction of the cost!

Time is Money

The more time sent on landscaping your garden is the more money you ultimately lose as the classic equation time is money comes into play. This means the quicker you do the landscaping job the more money you save. I recommend investing in some help for the medial jobs like picking up leaves. I don’t mean paid help of course I was thinking more along the lines of a parent/sibling bonding exercise…

Research is Key

It is very important you do not make an absolute mess of the garden as that will just mean needing you to hire a professional to come out and sort the problem and it’ll probably cost more than if you just got him out in the first place. So research is very important. Learn how to properly landscape your garden and techniques and tips you can use. Don’t rush in without thinking as this leads to your garden looking something like this:

Bad Garden Landscaping


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