Which Kind of Generator Best Suits Your Needs?

Having access to electricity is one of life’s most essential considerations. We can’t always be connected to the grid though, so what can we do instead? The easy answer is to purchase a generator that fits in with your needs. This can be quite complicated though, especially since there are so many different varieties available. Which ones are right for you? What benefits do they offer? Read on to learn more about these amazing electrical producers and how to choose the perfect model the next time you’re out shopping.

Inverter Technology

These models utilise a combination of advanced electronics and powerful magnets that switch or “invert” between DC and AC power. In general, they offer the following benefits:

  • - They are small, compact and highly portable
  • - They efficiently use fuel despite the smaller tank
  • - They run at significantly lower noise levels
  • - The engine can conserve fuel if the load is light
  • - Produced electricity is “cleaner” and safer

All of these benefits really point towards inverter models being used for outdoor activities such as camping or boating where you need a portable, noise-free power source. They are also useful for campervans and caravans so you can plug in almost any sort of device without worrying about damage from electrical surges or running the risk of draining the vehicle’s battery.

Frame Mounted

These are the more conventional designs, a larger, more powerful machine that can generate a whole lot of electricity in a hurry. While their size means that they’re not terribly convenient to move, they do offer a number of other benefits that make them useful in certain scenarios:

  • - Run times are substantial thanks to the large fuel tanks
  • - Very high maximum power output on the best generator models
  • - Operation, maintenance and repair all very simple to carry out
  • - A price that is generally a lot lower than similar inverter models

As you can see, these machines are made for high workloads. They are bulky, heavy devices that can supply large amounts of power when needed. If you need to run some industrial machinery or you’re looking for some emergency power to keep your whole house up and running in a blackout, these are the generators to choose. Their power and stamina make up for the fact that they’re heavier and noisier than the more modern inverter models. If you have a tough job, these are the engines that you can rely on.

Important Fuel Considerations

There is yet another classification system that these electricity generating devices fall under: the type of fuel that they use. When shopping around, you’ll notice models running on petrol, diesel and LPG. So which one is best for you? This depends on what you’re going for as different fuels have different properties. Some are cleaner while others are more efficient. The appropriate choice also depends on where you live and what you have available around your area. For your information, here are some of the advantages that the most common fuels have to offer:

  • - Petrol is found basically everywhere, boosting the portability of the electrical generator that you have. These engines are also quite cheap to purchase.
  • - Diesel is the least flammable fuel and is also readily available at cheap prices. These engines are designed to work for 10,000 to 20,000 hours depending on the model too. Diesel is also more powerful, releasing more energy. Finally, these engines are designed to be tough, working hard in harsh environments.
  • - LPG is also a very affordable fuel alternative. These machines are easy to refill and there are no storage problems like there are with petrol or diesel engines. In general, they are also designed to run very quietly as well and have cleaner emissions for use in crowded areas.

You can now see which of these fuels is the most appropriate for you. Petrol is excellent if you’re on a budget; diesel is made for those who want power in remote, rugged locations; and LPG is suitable for populated areas where you need some silent electricity generation.

With this information, you are now ready to go out there and shop for the best generator available. We hope you enjoy your new engine and the many benefits that it can bring to your life.

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