Kids’ bedrooms: Three bold and colourful designs

Design number 1: Feeling blue
In what must have been a feat of patience and restraint, Toronto designer Meredith Heron waited until her son, Luke, was nearly two years old before she decorated his nursery. “By then, he had a personality and I knew what would suit him,” explains Meredith. She treated the nursery’s main wall with wide horizontal stripes in deep indigo and creamy white. “I’m a bit obsessed with horizontal stripes,” she says. Obsession aside, decorating with stripes serve a purpose in the small seven-by-10-foot space. “They create depth and make the room look bigger,” says Meredith. The handsome result – much like its occupant – was worth the wait.


  • Wide horizontal stripes in indigo and white and a classic Jenny Lind crib create a focal point in this nursery. Homeowner and designer Meredith Heron’s mother made the crib’s quilt, giving specific instructions that it not be just for display but actually get daily use.
  • Meredith had the bolt of blue plaid fabric sitting around for ages and realized the nursery was the perfect place to finally use it; she had the crib’s skirt and the drapery sewn from it.


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