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One of the most useful home improvements, both when it comes to adding value to your home and in terms of saving money whilst you live there, is insulation. A poorly insulated property can lose a considerable amount of heat, resulting in a a corresponding increase in fuel bills. Many people would be surprised to hear just how many parts of a property are susceptible to heat loss and which, therefore, should be properly insulated. In this article we demonstrate the different types of property insulation that can add value to the home and save money on fuel bills. As an incidental effect, these improvements also work to the overall benefit of the environment by reducing carbon emission into the atmosphere.

The Roof

It is not surprising that, because heat rises, most heat loss from a house is through the roof. It is essential, therefore, to make sure that the roof has proper insulation. Roof insulation is generally achieved in the loft space through the installation of rolls of insulating wool fibre. This material is heat retentive and effectively keeps the heat in the property.

The Walls

A surprising amount of heat can be lost through the exterior walls of a house. In order to alleviate this problem, two method of insulation are employed. The choice will depend on the construction of the house.

Dual Walls

Most modern brick-built houses are constructed with dual, or cavity walls externally. The two layers of wall have a cavity in between them. In order to efficiently insulate this type of construction, a specialist insulating foam is injected, from the outside of the house, into the cavity. No damage is done to the inside of the house and the job is quick and relatively inexpensive.

Solid Walls

Many older properties are built from a solid wall construction. There are two basic ways of insulating this type of wall, the choice of which, once again, will depend on the nature of the property in question.

External Solid Wall Insulation

To insulate a solid wall from the exterior involves the application of a specialist cement-based render coating. This coating is infused with an insulating compound that has the effect of keeping the heat in the property. All the work is carried out on the outside of the house. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the construction of some houses and the fact that local regulations often prevent the alteration of the exterior of historical buildings, external wall insulation is not available for all properties.

Internal Solid Wall Insulation

If the walls of the house cannot be insulated externally, internal insulation is an option. In simple terms, this involves the attachment of a stud type wall on the inside of the external walls. This is effective in insulating the home but can have the effect of reducing the amount of floor space available.

The Windows

Substantial heat is lost through the windows of a house. Single pain windows are the worst culprits and house owners should therefore invest in double-glazing to reduce heat loss (and also noise infiltration). Any gaps or cracks in the window frames themselves should be repaired or the frames renewed altogether.

The Floor

At the very bottom of the house, the floor can let in some troublesome drafts. Gaps in floorboards should be filled, especially where the floor joins the skirting boards. It may be necessary, in particularly bad cases, to raise the boards and attach insulating rolls on the underside of the floor, between the joists.


These simple measures can have an immediate impact on the energy efficiency of a house. At a time when fuel bills are constantly increasing this can have a real beneficial effect on the level of the home’s energy bills. This will have a corresponding effect on the value of the house. Finally, the reduction in emissions, will benefit the environment generally, both directly, and, because the household’s call for energy from the fuel suppliers will be reduced, indirectly too.

Author Bio: This article was written by Billy Phillips, writing on behalf of McCarthy (Contractors) SW Ltd, specialists in external rendering in the Southwest. You can visit this link to contact McCarthy(Contractors) SW Ltd, solid wall insulation.


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