Insect screens

I am sure you know all too well how uninvited guests like ants, flies, wasps and mosquitoes can ruin our day. Besides that, some of them can transmit diseases, endangering everyone and above all, children, with their stings. If you are wondering how you can put a stop to those pesky intruders, you probably thought about bug repellents, bug zappers, or maybe even sonic repellents. With their limited range, energy costs and danger of chemicals to children, insect screens impose themselves as one of the best form of protection against bugs. That type of bug protection will be more carefully examined in the following text.

What are insect screens and how can I install one?

Insect screen is a form of mechanical barrier that prevents the insects from coming into your home through open doors or windows. It is made of two parts, mesh and frame. The mesh is made of polyester, fibreglass, aluminium and other synthetic fibres stretched in a wooden or metal frame. Most new models of PVC windows offer you an option to mount insect screen on them. If you choose you want your brand new windows to have insect screen, they will usually come in a form of a roller shutter along with your standard PVC shutters. They can be placed inside or outside of your normal shutter, whatever you prefer.

If you want to equip your old windows or doors with insect screens, you have several ways of doing so. In case you want polyester or some other elastic material for your screen, you can use Velcro tapes that you will get with the mesh to attach them to the window frame. For fibreglass and aluminium mesh you will need to lay your mesh over the screen frame and press it over with a spline into a groove in the frame. Then use a sharp knife to trim the excess screen. Although installing one is not a difficult task, if you lack the tools or the window is on the roof, you should leave it to the professionals.

Take notice of the material you choose depending where you live. If you live near the coast, you should probably get bronze or synthetic mesh since they are very resistant to corrosion. Also, if you have pets you should think about steel or aluminium mesh to prevent your pets from tearing big holes in it with their claws and teeth. For all of you that like to make their own things, DIY screen and frame replacement kits can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores. With these tools you will to be able to replace any and all torn screening fabric and frames.

Why do I need it?

You definitely need it to protect you and the ones you love from harm caused by insects. It is a great, long-lasting solution to the bug problem in your home. You can even buy it in various sorts or colours, and in some cases patterns to aesthetically improve your home. Finally, it let’s you breathe fresh air in your home without spraying clouds of bug repellent in it.


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