Incorporating a Small Office into Your Home

Many homeowners when undertaking a renovation or home improvement project will, nine times out of ten, think of incorporating a small office into one of the rooms in their house. I would like too start of by stating what a wonderful idea this truly is. A small office in your home does not just give you a place to work; it gives you an area that is your own way from the hustle and bustle of everyday family life. This is why I incorporated a small office in which I am sitting at the moment and I am going to tell you how to do it.


Convincing your partner it is a good idea

This may be the hardest steps for some people but there are many good reasons for getting a place to call your home office and convincing your partner should be a walk in the park with these amazing excus- I mean reasons:

  1. You can separate home life and work life by using your office whenever you do have to work from home
  2. You will no longer be working on the bed keeping her/him up all night
  3. You believe you will be able to work more productively and therefore work less while at home if you have a home office.

If your partner is still not convinced by these reasons then I think its time to have a tantrum and see if that works. Good Luck!


Working out which room you are going to put your home office in

You have to be very careful about this. What you most definitely do not want is a home office that you do not want to go into. This is actually going to demotivate you and in the context of home improvement you now have a room you do not like which is more or less the opposite of home improvement. To ensure this does not happen we need to make sure you pick a room that does not have any negative factors. These are questions you must ask yourself when looking at a room for a small home office:

  1. Does this room get too cold or too hot and is there any way I can counteract this?
  2. Will this room realistically have enough space for me to work?
  3. Will a home office be wasted in this room? (By this I mean do not commit a master bedroom style room to be your home office so much more useful applications)
  4. Will you have the peace and quiet required to work in here?

You need to find a room that is perfect and if there is not a room that is perfect you must make a room that is perfect. You can do this with insulation, segregating a large room into two smaller rooms, converting an unused garage and a whole host of other home improvement techniques that you can find on this website.


Hugh Armstrong is an online content writer for TimberPro and Rainford He enjoys blogging about DIY, Gardening, his pets and travels.

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