Ideas On How To Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery

An article looking at different ways of decorating your child’s nursery. Welcoming home a new arrival is a very exciting prospect, we take a look at some ideas on how to make your nursery the perfect home for your newborn.


It has been thought that decorating your baby’s nursery in bright and bold colours will stimulate their mind and senses and encourage them to learn all about their new environment. Recent research, however, suggests the nursery should be painted in softer, more neutral colours to have a calming effect on the baby during its sleep times. Whatever you decide, make sure you choose colours you feel will be best suited for your baby and your home. After all you are the one who is going to have to live with the colours and will be more conscious of them on a daily basis.


Children’s lighting furniture can be found in all shapes and sizes. Hanging light shades such as helicopters, ladybirds and cars are popular and provide something for your baby to focus on when he/she looks up at the ceiling. A light next to the bed can be useful particularly as your child gets older and will want to get themselves out of bed to visit the toilet. Night lights are very popular too and can be bought in all sorts of colours and shapes such as flowers, trains and animals. These often give a much more subdued lighting that is just enough to allow your child to see around the room if he wakes up but is not too bright to keep him awake.

Books And Toys

As your child gets older and has the ability to get out of bed, you might find having a few toys and books accessible for them will stop them waking you up early in the morning. Quite often a child loves to play on alone in their room with toys of their choice as it gives them a sense of autonomy.


An item that is growing in popularity in children’s bedrooms is a clock that not only tells the time but also whether it is night or day to the child. The adult can set the hours of daylight on the clock and the child can learn to understand that when the sun appears on the clock it is daytime and it is ok to go and wake mummy and daddy up, or if the moon is still being displayed on the clock then it is still night time and they need to stay in their own room. This helps children understand during the summer that although it may be light outside very early in the morning it is perhaps too early to get up and start the day.

Interior children’s lighting artefacts now represent a growing market in the UK. No longer are parents happy to provide a simple room for the new child, they want to design it to perfection and think about children’s lighting and educational toys as well as the colours, curtains and carpets in the room. The need for intellectual stimulation from an early age has long since been proven. Ensuring that their bedroom constitutes an environment in which suitable stimuli are present is the first of many steps in encouraging and nurturing any child’s incredible potential.


Article written by Della, a freelance writer who regularly writes articles on the home. She recommends for the room’s interior childrens lighting artefactsto be very popular amongst little people.

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