How To Make Your Home Super Cosy For The Winter

It is depressing to say it, but it is nearly September. That means that the summer is, slowly but surely, drawing to a close. It feels strange as I have been living in a t-shirt with no jumper or jacket for the past few months… is has just become second nature. But Summer’s end and Winter’s settle in… so I am now preparing myself for the one ahead. Here’s how:


A wood burning stove

This is something that has been on my hit list for several years now, and almost came to a point of possibility a few months ago, only for me to decide the cost of hiring a chimney sweep to assess my chimney was too much.

Pollution and soot regulations are pretty tight in London, so you aren’t allowed active standard open fireplaces in your home. However you are allowed an enclosed iron wood burning stove. Nothing is better for keeping warm, keeping your home dry and creating an atmosphere than a good wood burner.

You can pick one up from Chesneys.

A rug 

You will need to bare with me for this one. I understand that this is not the top of everyone’s lists for ‘cozy’ items…  even if they understand that it makes sense. But there are few things that can make a room more winter-cosy than a good, thick, warm coloured rug.

Head down to Bazaar Velvet in London and pick one up.

A good sofa

If you want to kick back and relax in style, then you will need a good sofa. I am not going to go into any further details here, as it is pretty obvious!

Head down to, which has a showroom in Imperial Wharf London, or buy one from them online.

A blanket 

Purchase with caution. A good blanket is one of the most important items when it comes to creating the perfect winter home. You will spend almost every minute underneath it on those freezing nights, sipping on a good cup of tea.

Now I want to make myself very clear. Blankets are great. Snuggies are not. In an ideal world you will be able to get yourself a quilt. See if any of your friends are headed to India any time soon and get them to grab one for you on the way back.

A good lamp

Candles will also do, but make sure that you have a fire extinguisher if you are going to go down this route.

Turning off the main lights and turning on a lamp or candles is a great way to sink into the surroundings and relax.

An endless supply of tea 

Tea is probably the most crucial component to a relaxing winter. Just holding that warm cup in your hands is enough to make you nearly forget the body numbing walk that you had to make home.

Settle down on your comfy sofa, in front of the glowing wood burning stove, atop a soft rug, under a good blanket, with the low glow of a lamp, sipping on your hot cup of tea, listening to the rain beating against the window… and I defy you to not be happy and peaceful!

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