How a Good Plasterer in Glasgow Could Add Value To Your Home

If you are planning on selling your home any time soon then you might want to consider doing some internal decoration so that you get the best valuation and the full asking price on your property. A plasterer in Glasgow can help you with any imperfections and can turn an embarrassing wall into one that you will be proud to show to prospective home buyers

It’s a good idea before putting your home on the market to get a notepad and pen and walk around your home. Make a note of all imperfections such as cracks, blown plaster and uneven walls. Don’t forget to take a look at your ceilings too. What many people do is choose a room in their house such as the living room or another main area and make this the showcase room. This is the room you will be very proud to show off as it will have had the most effort made on it. If money is no object then you might be able to do this with every room!

But how do you add the wow factor? A plasterer in Glasgow isn’t just good at plastering. They can also skim ceilings to a smooth finish, apply decorative features to walls and ceilings and also add main features such as coving and ceiling roses. If you live in an older property a beautiful ceiling rose can really add interest to a room and some old world charm.


You should intend to carry out all plastering work before you have your home valued. When an estate agent comes round they will usually take photos of each room and put them onto the Internet for prospective buyers to see. This will be the first impression people get of your home so it’s important to make the right one.

Speak to your plasterer Glasgow and get advice on the best plastering features to use. Ask your plasterer to visit your home to get a good look at what needs doing and to get their advice on how to make imperfections go away.

Plastering actually doesn’t take that long to do and you may only need to set aside a couple of days for the works to be carried out. Then once the plastering is complete you can get to work on decorating your walls. This is a great time to choose a new look for your rooms and a good rule is to go neutral. Gaudy wallpaper and vibrant paints are probably not the way to go if you want people to buy your home as bright colours are a personal choice.

Choose white, magnolia, cream or whites with a hint of colour to paint your walls and try to steer clear of wallpaper if you can – another personal choice. Pay attention to woodwork too as this could look discoloured if you paint the walls a lighter shade. You plasterer in Glasgow will be able to assist with finding a good decorator if you need one.

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