How much of your Home Space is Going to Waste?

It is estimated that a staggering 17 percent of the space in homes is wasted or unused. That is, for most people, the equivalent of at least one room. The estimated home value of this unused space costs the inhabitants between ₤34,000 – ₤200,000 depending on the size of the property.

Imagine what you could do with another room! As one of the main reasons for selling a home, upsizing a property can cost you dramatic amounts. The expense of shelling out for a larger property can be avoided if you purchase something made to your requirements in the first place, and utilize the space well. Larger homes usually mean larger heating bills, as well as higher council tax and a whole host of other costs, beyond the larger price tag for the bricks and mortar.

Furniture Placement

When purchasing a property, it’s always best to bear this principal in mind. When viewing a house, it’s best to see it furnished, or at least try to realistically imagine how you would use every last square inch of each room – would your furniture fit comfortably? Would the space fit your needs and your lifestyle? The expense of shelling out for a larger property later down the line can be avoided if you purchase something made to your requirements in the first place, and utilize the space cleverly.

Buy Off Plan

Some new build homes are available to buy off plan which gives you the opportunity to have the rooms designed according your personal tastes and requirements. This is a brilliant option to help utilize space as it forces you to really think how you use each room.


Storage space is essential for home space management, as anything that you don’t use on a regular basis needs to be easily stored away.

One of the first places to look for wasted space is underneath staircases. This space is often just hollow when it could be used for storage. Hallways are also often wasted. Consider how space in your hallway could be used for storage – some people even have their home office in their hall. Even moving a bookcase from your living room to your hall can free up an amazing amount of wall and floor space from your living area.

De clutter

Most people are guilty of ‘hoarding’ bric-a-brac, clothing, paperwork, furniture, etc, that we simply don’t need. Instead of having items take up your precious space, sort through everything in each room and dispose of everything that isn’t necessary. A good rule is, if you haven’t used in the past six months to a year and you can’t see that changing any time soon, if it has no space for it in your storage or it has no sentimental value, get rid! This is a great opportunity to either sell unwanted items at a car boot sale to make some extra pennies or to donate the ‘stuff’ to a charity shop.

Even if you follow just one of these pointers, you should find that you can enjoy the extra space in your home and see how you use your space in a whole new light!


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