Hassle-Free Removals, Home Or Office

The job of finding removalists in Melbourne is not tough. What is difficult is locating a firm you can trust to do the job right. There is bound to be someone you know who wished she had hired a truck and moved her own belongings instead of hiring the cowboys who broke her favorite mirror and never paid for it. Then there are extras, like selling packing materials and offering packing/unpacking services. Not all companies provide those. And how many belong to the Australian Furniture Removers Association? All of this research might be giving you a headache.

Moving Checklist

You need a checklist to get you started. It is a way of organising the move and the many, chaotic thoughts swimming around in your head so you can relax. Did you get your mail forwarded? Have you arranged for carpets to be cleaned at the new office or flat? Have you got all of the boxes and packing tape you need, and are the boxes the right size?

Removalists in Melbourne know all about the details of switching from a 4-bedroom house to a two-bedroom flat or vice versa. They recognise the stress of worrying that tens of thousands of dollars worth of office equipment will arrive at its destination in good working order and ready to use. Even if they are not wine lovers, they have had experience moving valuable wine collections and antique wine racks a few miles or a few hundred miles.

Did you think about covering your furniture or padding it, and if so, were you just going to use blankets? Ask a removals expert what he thinks about your plan. Expect a polite but straightforward answer.

Moving Company Checklist

Removals firms should train their employees, and their staff should demonstrate experience on the job. How do you check this? A firm will state when it was established, so that gives you some idea of how many years they have taken care of customers’ property. An established employee will work with younger ones.

Within a group of customers there are bound to be some who took a few minutes to write a review online. Hunt these testimonials down and read them carefully. Pick ones which sound relevant to your situation, be it a professional move or a personal one.

Check for services you need, like packing support. Maybe you are arthritic and packing is too hard for you. Perhaps you have never tried to pack delicate items before and are nervous about breaking them. Some companies, like http://www.fragileremovals.com.au/, provide a packing and unpacking service if you want it. The cost is extra, but the help is invaluable.

Removals Materials for Sale or Hire

Certain removals firms also sell or hire packing boxes. Most boxes are sold outright, but customers can rent wardrobe boxes with the bar for hanging dresses and coats from. Covers for furnishings and padding to keep articles safe during transport are also available for purchase.

Boxes come in sizes applicable to what you want to pack. Removalists in Melbourne want to save their backs from strain, and yours.


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