Hard wood or soft wood, that is the question

An article looking at the advantages and disadvantages to buying oak furniture. While furniture made from oak is considered a luxury item we take a look at how owning a piece of oak may end up cheaper than owning several pieces of furniture made from softer wood over the same period of time.

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Oak wood has been a popular furniture building material for centuries. Each variety of oak, from red to oak, has its own distinct texture and grain. Its complexity and assortment of patterns are considered far superior to that of other hard woods like maple and cherry. Its patterns can be vertical strips, rings, wavy lines, flecks or any combination of all of these. It comes in brown, red, white and pink colours. Oak wood can be stained too to give it a rustic and aged look.

As oak wood is a hardwood then it is very resistant to moisture and the weather. It is strong and long lasting. There are still many homes built from oak wood from the 1800s that are still standing today. It has also been a favourite of shipbuilders due to its strength and resistance to moisture and therefore decay and rot. From an oak dining chair to the largest ship, oak wood has shown to be a long lasting and dependable wood.

Oak wood is great as flooring because of its strength but also because of its flexibility, not to mention its impermeability to water. Grandfather clocks and cabinets are also given a traditional and rustic look when built with oak.

The majority of oak wood comes from sustainable supplies so is considered a green and environmentally friendly choice of wood for the consumer. The processing of oak wood is straightforward and no chemical treatment is necessary. This means old oak wood can be recycled easily and used for other means.

The biggest disadvantage of buying something made from oak wood is the price. Purchasing something that will probably outlive you isn’t going to be the cheapest item in the store. In saying this though, due to its longevity and hardiness many items of furniture made from oak can outlast a number of the same items made from softer wood such as pine or cedar. This can make oak made items cheaper as a result if you consider what you might spend on such artefacts over a lifetime.

Whether you are looking to purchase a solid oak dining chair, a dresser, a picture frame or even a jewellery box, if you fancy owning something made of oak why not check out second hand stores and websites to find an artefact for a price that suits you. Items can often be found for cheaper prices when bought second hand and sometimes it is nice to have a bit of history behind the item on display in your home. A quick dust down, a polish or even a wax can restore your item almost to new very quickly.

Article written by Della, a freelance writer who writes regularly about the home. Her opinion is that whether it is a solid oak dining chair or a picture frame, artefacts made from oak provide a timeless quality unmatched by other woods.


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