A guide on how to clean your hot tub filter

Having a hot tub in your home is a great thing as it gives you a complete relaxing experience of hot spa sessions at home without the need of going anywhere. Over constant use, the filter of hot tub entraps garbage, metals and contaminants in the water of the hot tub. It is done so as to assure that the hot tub is functioning properly and proficiently and that the water is sanitary and clean. So it becomes all the more necessary to clean the debris, metals and other contaminants trapped in the hot tub filter as so as ensure its proper working and to clean the hot tub water regularly. The hot tub should be cleaned by rinsing once a month and filter cleaning the solution two to four months, depending upon its usage and some other factors.  Now let us discuss in detail how to clean the hot tub filter.

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Removal of the filter from the filter compartment- The foremost step in the process of cleaning a hot tub filter is to remove the filter from the filter compartment. To do this, you must follow the instructions given in the users’ manual which is handed over to you by the seller at the time of attainment of the hot tub.

Rinsing the filter- After you have properly removed the filter from the filter compartment, rinse it thoroughly by using a garden hose which must be positioned at an angle of 45degrees to the filter. It is preferred to rinse the hot tub filter once a month. The debris from individual filter pleat must be smoothly sprayed with the help of a hose. The pressure of water must be powerful enough to remove the debris. At the same time, it must be done in a smooth way so as to avoid any damage to the tub filter.
Filter cleaning solution- Then the filter of the hot tub must be cleaned by using a filter cleaning solution. It must be done every time the tub is drained and refilled. The special filter cleaning solution must be used for this purpose. The filter is cleaned by using a filter cleaning solution by two methods- Spray cleaning and Nozzle cleaning. In the former method, each pleat of the filter is sprayed down by using a spray nozzle and filter is left in the same position for 15 minutes. While the latter method requires you to soak the filter in a bucket or container which is filled with a mixture of filter cleaning solution and water by mixing both in appropriate ratios which is usually 1 to 5 for most of the filter cleaners.
Rinsing the solution- Again a garden hose at apt pressure is used to rinse the solution and the left out debris from the hot tub filter.  Check the filter and see if it is totally cleared of all the debris and other garbage etc. Then place the cleaned filter into the filter compartment properly.
In case a hot tub has multiple filters, then you can place the filters one by one by rotating them. It is similar to rotating the tyres on a vehicle.
Finally, the filter of your hit tub is completely clean. You can now use it and enjoy your hot bathing sessions.

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