Fresh Bathroom Styling Ideas for 2013

Bathroom design trends are constantly evolving, and what looked great and up-to-date 10 years ago probably looks the complete opposite today. Take the pale pink bathrooms of the 1960’s, or the dreadful 4-inch powder blue wall tiles from the 1970’s as good examples, both were considered fabulous at the time, but in retrospect they seem dreadful and are certainly great examples of styles that most people would avoid today.

The typical style for bathroom décor in 2013 has taken a leap into the natural, green living and eco-friendly type of design. Making use of lots of natural elements, and features such as stone. Luxury and spa-like elements have also started to settle themselves firmly as a bathroom design trend this year; it seems more-and-more people are keen to embed a sense of spa like luxury within their bathrooms – proof that more people are turning to their bathroom as a place to “get away” and relax.

To help you style your own bathroom with a modern style, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular trends for bathroom style and design this year:

Green and Eco Friendly
With eco-friendly solutions playing on our minds a lot as we move forward into the future, it has become an integral part of bathroom design too. Not just in the nature inspired colours and themes used in the bathroom, but also the facilities too. Water saving features and faucets are becoming increasingly popular; helping to lower water bills and save the planets resources.

One great example of eco-friendly design in the bathroom are these automatic faucets, they activate when they sense a hand present in the sink, eliminating the need to touch anything (no bacteria!) and ensuring the tap only provides water for as long as you need it. There’s no forgetting to turn the tap off with an automatic faucet. Clever fixtures like this that benefit the environment, health and cleanliness, and look great too are major players in the current bathroom design style trends.

Vivid Colour
Surprising use of unexpected colour within the bathroom is one of the most popular trends being set in 2013. Neutral colour schemes are really popular right now, so an unexpected dash of colour can add a real wow factor your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be colour on the walls either, you can easily incorporate colour into your bathroom with accessories (like towels, rugs, and curtains), fixtures, tiles, and flooring.

Spa-Like Features & Ambience
One popular trend for bathroom styling this year is the “get away” and relaxation factor. People want the same kind of relaxing feeling at home in their bathroom, as the one you would expect from luxury spa. This type of atmosphere is set by a number of factors; including the other elements we’ve mentioned on this page. But, one of the key elements in setting a spa-like ambience in your bathroom is the lighting.

It’s essential that you have some kind of controllable lighting in your room so that you can set the tone, whether that’s done via dimmer switches, multiple lights and lamps, spotlights, or LED lighting. This helps you to easily set the ambience of the room with the lighting. Baths with extra features like massage or jet functions are also popular, and even small features such as heated towel racks are still attracting plenty of interest in 2013.

Luxurious Showers
Showers are coming in all sorts of new styles and ranges, and with really incredible features too. Adding some unique fixtures like faucets or shower heads to your shower can make a big difference. Out with the shower curtains and in with the glass, glass screens are a much more modern approach to the shower curtain and make for a more luxurious shower room.

Use of stone or natural slate timing around the shower is another great way to add a luxurious and up-scale feel to your shower room.

Free-standing Bath Tubs
Free-standing bath tubs are a statement in themselves, they look fantastic as the centrepiece of any bathroom, they come in abundant range of styles and finishes, and they are one of the hottest bathroom style trends in 2013, so they’re a great way to freshen up an outdated bathroom. From rounded rectangular stone tubs, to circle wooden tubs, you’ll find a style to suit any bathroom décor.

Hopefully these trends and visual examples have helped to inspire you, and have given you plenty of ideas for styling your own bathroom. If you can incorporate the 5 trends listed above into your bathroom, then you should be on track for one amazing bathroom.

If you find yourself still stuck for inspiration, then why not head down to your local bathroom store – you can often browse around “display bathrooms”, giving you a real sense of what the room actually looks like as a completed room, because sometimes it’s hard to picture a room when you only have images on a computer screen.

Author Bio: Darran Jackson is a regular blogger on DIY projects, he recommends Bella Bathrooms for all of your bathroom remodeling and decoration needs; including bathroom suites, furniture, accessories, shower trays, enclosures and heads, taps, and much more – all at affordable prices.


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