Form & Function – A Modern Bathroom

With the internet an infinitely vast field of inspiration shorn of boundaries or horizons, you should not be short of ideas when it comes to redesigning any part of your home. More and more I get questions and hear from people looking to give their room an update – it seems that today has never been more ‘now’, to coin a confusing phrase!

The bathroom is one place that is garnering more attention from designers, as they seek to merge form and function, style and utility. Here are three things you can fit in your salle de bains to give it that undeniably fresh look.

Illuminated Mirror

A mirror is a bathroom staple, of course, but there are ways and means of sexing such a standard piece of furniture up. For one, you can experiment with outré shapes, but better yet, get yourself an illuminated mirror. With their inset arrays of LEDs these mirrors look amazing, the dazzlingly warm light reflecting off the mirror and enlivening your room.

LED Shower Head

Something of a theme developing here vis-à-vis light emitting diodes, isn’t there?! Thing is, they really do inject some pizzazz into your design. My particular favourite is an LED shower head. These wonderful units activate through water pressure, and then cycle through a number of different colours depending on the temperature of the water. This throws a gorgeous wave of colour across your bathroom, really enhancing the space.

Electric Radiators

I’m afraid your traditional towel rails will simply not do here! A stunning modern rail, perhaps with an exciting chrome or anthracite finish, can only be improved by being an electric towel radiator. Being powered electrically means you get increased flexibility, as well as savings as you don’t have to have your entire system running when it’s not necessary. 


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