How the Foam Mattress Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Why Choose A Foam Mattress?

Many people do not realize the amount of pressure they put on different parts of their body while they sleep.  No matter what position you sleep in, you apply stress to your joints.  Your shoulder, hips, back, and neck are all vulnerable.  Getting the proper amount of sleep is important to every day.  If the sleep you’re getting is not as comfortable as it should be, quality sleep is something that you lack, plain and simple.  Many would assume that not getting solid sleep during the night is a symptom of something more than simply being uncomfortable.  This leads too many using over the counter remedies to help them sleep through the night.  What if I told you that a change in your mattress could help you get the sleep you need?  No more over the counter drugs or special bedtime routine.  No more will you have to wait until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore just so you can be sure to fall asleep.  How can you do this?  The answer is simple…a foam mattress!

A foam mattress adjusts to the contours of your body.  It’s lightweight and provides support as opposed to stress to the typical places on your body that a normal mattress disturbs.  Nothing will help you sleep better or more comfortably.  A foam mattress will also provide pain relief for those who suffer from varying ailments.  Because motion is reduced on a foam bed, you will not be awoken by bed motion due a partner coming to bed after you’re already asleep.  Say goodbye to sleepless nights and treat yourself to the quality sleeping experience of a foam mattress bed.

Difference between a Foam Mattress and Others

Foam vs. Spring

No matter how soft your spring mattress may be, it will not be as supportive to your joints and spine as a foam mattress.  A spring mattress will not conform to your body the way a foam mattress will and will therefore not be as supportive or as comfortable.

Foam vs. Air

The air mattress has become extremely popular.  People are very attracted to the idea of being able to control the stiffness or softness of their side of the bed.  While the concept is very imaginative, these types of mattresses usually require a lot of maintenance and do not receive good warranties.  They are very similar to the spring mattress, in that, they also no not conform to your body.  You will, hands down, get a more comfortable sleep with a foam mattress bed.

the foam matress

Foam Mattress Facts

Memory foam was originally created by NASA in order to improve the safety of aircraft cushion seats.  It had been too expensive for widespread use at that time, but eventually became more accessible in later years.  It was introduced in mattress form in 1991 and has become more evolved as a mattress over the years.  There is no other material that will provide the type of comfort and durability that memory foam can.  While the spring mattress has been the standard for many, many years the foam mattress has become the best material created for comfortable and quality sleep.  Though an air mattress can give you different mattress settings, it still will not conform to your body the way foam can.  Give your body the rest it needs and the stress releasing joint comfort it deserves by trying out a foam mattress.  Your nights will become less restless and your days will become more productive due to the solid sleep your new foam mattress will give you.

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