Finding Shoes That Fit Women With Slim Width Feet

It’s a good thing that designers listened to women and started making wide width shoes in more colors and styles. A major reason designers made the switch has to do with sales. Time has long past for the same to  happen for women who have extremely narrow feet.

Because the numbers of women with extremely narrow feet may not outnumber women who head directly for the wide shoe section, it’s not always easy to find a great, stylish pair of slim width shoes for women. Even style experts run into challenges when trying to find slim width shoes for women.

For example, style expert  Bridgette Raes, shares that, “In my many years of working with clients, I’ve encountered two clients with extraordinarily narrow feet.    Until I met them, I really didn’t understand how challenging it was to buy shoes that fit.” She continues, “People with narrow feet can’t just walk into a shoes store and pick a pair of shoes.   They also tend to hoard shoes because, when they do find a pair at a store that fit, they don’t want to miss out… even if they don’t know when or where they’ll wear the pair.”

Furthermore, just as wearing too tight shoes can create blisters and calluses on the heels and toes of women who have wider feet, wearing shoes that are too wide can make walking and sitting a painful experience for women whose feet are so narrow that they can only wear slim width shoes for women. Fortunately, stores like Marmi Shoes carry dozens of stylish slim width shoes for women.

Flat slim width shoes for women are made by designers like Vaneli, Eric Javits, Ara and Sesto Meucci. There are open and closed toed shoes, including sandals, casual and chic shoes. Classics, pumps and boots that fit women with narrow feet are made with Italian leather, suede, maple features and bits of concealed plastic.

These and other shoes built for women with narrow, including extremely narrow, feet can be found by doing online searches. Strip malls and department stores, including local retailers, that carry the specialty shoes also post information about their shoes in yellow pages and online and offline directories.

If you’re a woman who has narrow feet, you can find a great pair of narrow women’s shoes and boots if you ask your friends and colleagues to tell you where they get their stylish narrow shoes and boots. When buying the shoes online, make sure you measure your feet. Don’t assume that your feet are the same size they were several years ago, as gaining and losing weight can change your shoe size. Additionally, retailers generally post the exact measurements of the shoes online.

Once you find one or more retailers who specialize in stocking and selling slim width shoes for women, consider keeping in touch with these retailers. Ask them to send you an alert when they start carrying stylish narrow women’s shoes and boots in colors and sizes you love. Signing up to receive brochures and catalogs from these retailers is another way you can stay aware of the latest styles that are coming out.




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