Finding the Perfect Yacht Cushions

When selecting yacht cushions, there are a few items to take into consideration other than overall comfort. Not only should they fit the available seating area appropriately but the cushions should also be able to withstand water, heat and cold temperatures. The ideal option will be an ultra-plush or heavily cushioned seat to help lessen effects of the bumps from waves.

Select Heat Resistant Coverings

Be very selective in the type of cushion coverings you choose. You will want an option that is heat resistant so that your skin does not get burned when out on the water in the summer months. Vinyl that is insulated is a good option. Refrain from selecting plastic or leather. Neither is durable enough to withstand the summer heat. These covering options crack very easily, which in turn causes cuts on the skin. Also consider putting a sealant on the covering to prevent salt water from warping or staining it.

Consider the Filling

For yacht cushion filling, you will want something that is extra thick. A thick, roughly 4-inches, memory foam option is ideal. This is durable material that conforms to the body and makes sitting for several hours comfortable for everyone. Lesser materials, such as foam or other fibers are less likely to maintain this high level of quality and comfort.

Weatherproof the Cushions

Use a weatherproofing wipe or spray on the covers. This will help to condition non-fabric options to prevent cracking and warping. Fabric options should be scotch guarded. This helps to protect them from hot summer heat, spills, tanning lotion and other items. It is important to consider laundering the cushion covers, if they are fabric, before a boating season, in the middle of it and at the end of it before storage. Continue with the scotch guarding process after each laundering session. This is the most you can do as far as weatherproofing for cloth coverings. For non-cloth options, consider applying a weatherization substance before the season and after the season prior to storage. You will add to the longevity of the material by adding a conditioner or sealant to them.

Select a Removable Option

Select a removable cushion option. This will allow you to take the cushions completely off of the yacht when it is in storage. Keeping them in a climate controlled area is ideal in order to maintain the integrity of the materials used. This will help to protect the filling as well as the covering. In some cases, only the coverings will need to be removed for storage or laundering purposes, the padded fillings are often okay to be stored under the boat with other items for winterization purposes.

Keep in mind that a yacht is only used for a portion of the year and is in storage for several months. Selecting cushions that can withstand being stored in cold temperatures and being exposed to hot temperatures in the heat of the day is ideal. This will save both time and money as replacing them will occur less.

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