Don’t Fear Thinking Big Where Your Home Is Concerned.

Taking the decision to redesign your home is both exciting and daunting. Chances are, you’ve decided against moving in favour of giving yourself your dream home where you are. That is likely to involve some major upheaval and expense, so it is worth doing it properly. This article tells you how.

Architects Are Your Friends
An architect might seem like an extravagance, but when it comes to your home and getting it right, an architect is a key player on your team. If you are making significant changes, such as building an extension or reconfiguring existing layouts, the fees you pay to a good architect will be covered by what they save you.
Construction work is costly, both in terms of time and money and a good architect company can help you avoid hiccups and guide you through the project.

Choosing An Architect
This is your home, somewhere that you will want to spend a lot of time and somewhere you are about to make a considerable investment in. The architect needs to ‘get’ your vision. Your relationship is important, so meet several and see how you get on. Ask to see previous work and see what impresses you. Bear in mind that their job is not necessarily just to make your dream reality, but to advise on the regulations and practicalities and suggest alterations if appropriate.

Check qualifications

Look at portfolio work

Discuss fees and costs up front

Over and above their design skills, a good architect should have knowledge in other areas, including:
Planning laws

Building regulations

Compliance with local council regulations

Even budget control

Contract admin

Contacts builders etc
Regular site inspections

Take The Time
Indulge yourself. Take time to dream and allow your architect the time to understand and visualise it. Create a ‘mood board’ to help, as you might for your interiors, to help you both with communicating thoughts. Don’t take any rash decisions, because anything you do decide will impact other decisions further down the line. The project will take a while, so there is plenty of time to do things properly.
Allowing the architects and build teams the time and space to progress might seem difficult, so allow yourself time to get on with planning the interiors. No doubt you have a style in mind, perhaps even a definite picture, so get out and about sourcing the key things to make this house your home again.
Find out the right person for the job, one who has sensibility similar to you. To make the choice, it is better to ask him or her for the photographs of some recent projects or you can pay visit to some of his or her finished jobs. This will give you a clear picture of the architect’s preferences and design sense. If you find the past work impressive, there are more chances of finding common ground. Make sure that you can understand each other easily and converse well to work on various issues.

A reputable architect company such as Manser, with experience in both commercial and residential property, has a lot to offer even relatively small-scale projects; building your new state of the art kitchen at the back of the house, for example. Once they have taken the stress out of the design and build for you, you are free to personalise the interior and make the space your own. You might want to hire an interior designer, or you may prefer to do this bit yourself!

Della writes regularly on style-related topics for various websites and blogs. She specialises in interior design but has recently rekindled an interest in architecture since adding an extension to her Hertfordshire home. She continues to be impressed by the work of leading architecture firms, such as Manser.

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