Favourite 2013 Furniture Trends

2013 seems to be the year for a real mix of traditional and minimalist design, and that is especially the case when it comes to home furnishings. The general idea is that less is more and there are plenty of stark black and white colour schemes around. Other designers prefer the warmth of terra cotta or the look of natural pastels.

Natural fibres, leather, cane and reclaimed woods are on show at a number of design houses. Some collections include items such as pedestal tables fashioned out of marble as well as wall sculptures and even seating. There is also a lot of wicker and cane furniture around – meant for interiors as well as outdoor use.

Chunky oblong tables with low hanging pendant lights feature in some collections. There are rattan lighting fixtures painted in white, grey or glossy black. 2013 is certainly a year when there should be something to please virtually everyone’s taste in interior design. Many collections are eclectic, which makes it difficult to pick out one central theme.

In the Bedroom

The 2013 bedroom is extremely stylish and uncluttered. Many items are hand crafted and made from purely natural materials. The furniture, bed, dresser, side tables and wardrobes have clean lines and do not invite too much in the way of dressing.

Much of the furniture designs this year are square with sharply defined corners. If you like elegance and dark wood then you are in for a treat when you visit the furniture show rooms. If minimalist and stark black and white is not for you, you might want to consider bright colours against light walls and white painted wooden floors.

If you look around you will see some bedroom settings done out in a rustic style. Furniture and floors in unpolished wood as well as thick comforters on the bed carry on the style. In contrast there are settings with French style white furniture, pink and white colour schemes and lacey curtains and bedding against pink, floral wallpaper.

In the Living Room

Natural materials and pure, unmixed colours are a growing trend in living room furniture this year. Wood, especially reclaimed wood, is particularly popular. Leather sofas and chairs are really making a come back right now and fit in particularly well with the stark black and white interiors that some designers favour.

As always there are some club style chairs in leather and various other materials. Some of the furniture is scaled down with comfy sofas and accent chairs rather than matching sets.

Moulded Chairs, Colours and Marble

Sixties style moulded plastic chairs seem to be making a comeback this year, think pastel colours arranged around tables made from beech wood and finished off in pastels. Some designers are interested in terra cotta and have produced whole ranges in this colour, including carpets and curtains.

Some of the famous Italian furniture houses are producing collections that include marble, particularly marble side tables and table tops. Collections vary considerably, depending on where you look.


This advice on 2013 furniture trends comes straight from UK sofa specialists The Suite Company. You can find out more about them and what they do at suite-company.co.uk.


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