Some Extra Ordinary Mat Designs for the Year 2013

The year 2013 is the year for newer designs and that is even applicable to rugs and mats. There are only few people who indulge in choosing different verities of rugs for their homes. However, many people are not aware of the fact that these rugs happen to increasing the appealing effect of your home. You will need to make the right choices while buying the latest rugs. There are many factors such as the color of your house’s walls and the area of the rooms that determine while decorating with different verities of rugs.

A Colorful Rug

The following mats designs are supposed to in latest fashion -

  • Desert Effect: Have you ever thought of buying a rug that can transform your home into a desert? Yes, now you can find many different rugs at the market that assure you in creating such effects. These rugs are usually equipped with foot print effects that make you feel that someone has just walked past upon sand or mud. You will find these rugs very exciting and amusing at the same time.
  • Messy ground: Now, children love everything messy. You can turn out to be the best parent by buying them rugs that are cleverly crafted for creating a messy situation at one side of the mat. These rugs are made with wool and this makes them a hit among kids. They can play all day upon these mats. They are natural and do not cause any skin irritation.
  • Terrifying: Now, if you are not such a people person, then you can try buying monster designed rugs for your living rooms. These mats will make sure that your gets get frightened the instant they enter your living space. No matter how frightening they look, these mats are a real treasure when you compare their texture and material luster.
  • Relaxing: If you really get tired after a hard day’s work, then you will need to indulge yourself into some mats that are made with paper warn. These mats are quite the talk of the town. You will find them quite exciting and amusing. They will devour you once you step on them. This feature makes them quite popular among kids.
  • Breakfast at Feet: Now, if you wish to see your breakfast table right after stepping out of the bed, then you need to dream about it. You can right away achieve that by buying those poached egg designed rugs from the super market.  These mats are non expensive and make a wonderful start every morning.


It is very important to remember the safety factor before buying a mat for your house. If you have kids at home, then it becomes all the more important to go for safety rugs that are resistant to skid and slip even in wet and oily floors.


You can always go through the different sites that sell safety domestic and industrial mats. They use gripping interlocking technology for gripping the mat surface to the ground.For more information click here on Mats –

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