Essential Landscape Lighting Décor for Home

Most of the homeowners make an investment in decorating their home exterior to give an elegant look to their outdoor space. The importance is laid on factors including the architectural aspects such as the landscaping which has to be eye-catching and the façade which has to be in sync with the lighting. However, without effective lighting, all these aspects will be either overlooked or undermined. Therefore, you must make some investment in effective landscape lighting for enhancing the outdoor space effect.

Charleston Landscape Lighting

Why to Use Landscape Lighting?

There are some important aspects related to lighting. The various purposes served by ‘outdoor lighting’ are provided in the following lines.

  • Safety Aspect: This is an effective tool for improving the home’s security and safety aspects. Will extra lighting effects, visibility also increases by folds.
  • Functionality Aspect: The concept of “outdoor living spaces” has gained much popularity. With the help of landscape lighting, homeowners will be able to enjoy the concept of ‘outdoor lighting’.
  • Beauty: With the front façade illuminated, all its intricate architecture will be displayed to the fullest as soon as darkness sets in. Landscape types including mountain laurels, live ‘oak trees’ and crepe myrtles are well highlighted through this type of lighting.

Why to Resort to Professional Help?

For smaller projects like the solar or low-volt b project is possible to be converted into a DIY one, the bigger projects including complex lighting systems like the Charleston Landscape lighting should be left in the care of professionals. Features which you should look out in a landscape lighting expert/professional are listed below.

  • Quality: You will have to ensure that the lights used for lighting are of highest quality. The fixtures should be ‘top-of-the-line’ coming with warranty period of ten years. You will also have to ensure that the transformers have the feature of “multi-tap” which will help in adjusting all the fixtures in a range of 10.5 and 11.5 volts to give a synchronized look with a life-time warranty. Each of the bulbs should have at least a year’s warranty. You will also need to question the professional as to how many fixtures are used by him/her for each ‘low run’ wire-maximum of four fixtures should be used per wire. You also need to find out how will the lighting system be controlled-‘lighting ‘control automation’ or ‘basic dial timer’ based. 
  • Expertise: Even as you seek professional help, you will have to make sure that the person in charge is a specialist and not one who specializes in other installations while performing landscape lighting as a side-job. It may surprise you to find out that the business of ‘outdoor lighting’ cannot be handled by electricians. The minimum criteria for the professional are to have a good amount of knowledge in the various aspects of lighting. It is his/her duty to understand what you want and place it out for, meeting your expectations to the last detail. You should seek for night-time demonstration. 
  • Value: Is the professional a timely person? Is he/she punctual by nature? Does he/she take you seriously? Are the service men and installers dressed in a professional manner? Ensure that there is an ‘annual maintenance’ plan provided by the company. 


You can incorporate anything from DIY projects (solar based) in your garden home to ‘mercury vapor’ moon lighting based on ‘line voltage’ system in an area which covers several acres, depending on what you desire. The bottom line is that you will be able to enjoy efficient functionality, attraction and safety with the assistance of a professional for outdoor ‘lighting’ installation which will add to the beauty of your home.

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